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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tau's Nana's 60th

It's the second day of the new year 2010 and what a fun filled trip this has been here to NZ. We arrived here on December 9th, 2009 from Oman and came straight to Wellington. It was a looong flight but sonny_boy was really good on the flight so it wasn't bad. There were lots of kids on the stretch from Dubai to Auckland so it was like a creche on the flight and Tau had many mates to play with. It was good because then no one could complain about a child as adults were almost outnumbered by travelling parents and grandparents. It was awesome. When we landed in Auckland my older sister, Aunty and cousin met us there for an hour for a short catch up before we continued on down here. We also had some surprise catch-ups with Alex's old work-mates. I recognized Rambo as he walked off a flight, he's also a pilot but for Jet Connect and he had flown from Brisbane where we'd just come from ourselves. Rambo gave us a lift to the domestic airport where he was heading to pick up another mutual friend and his family who live in Hong Kong and were only here to visit. So it was a mini reunion for Alex and his work-mates at the airport for half an hour before we caught our flight down here.
On Dec 12th it was Alex's Mom's 60th and it was held in a nice old house in Aro Valley in Wellington city. Most of the family and Sue's friends made it which was fantastic. A good time was had by all and the highlight was Aunty Theresa and Celia doing a reindition of one of the Abba songs which was down right hilarious and entertaining. Celia had costumes made for it and got everyone in the mood that even the most unlikely performers were up there doing their thing such as Uncle Lindsay and Uncle Alan. What a laugh and good time it was. Great speeches by the family and friends which summed up a hardworking and encouraging boss, supportive mother and aunty and a very generous nana!
Photos coming soon:)

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Sick bubba

Today we were due to go to Dubai with hubby. He's be working and Tau and I tagging along to do some Christmas shopping and catch up with our friends up there. This week-end is also the Rugby sevens that we were planning to attend if only for one day. Unfortunately my darling boy is so unwell that he and I stayed behind. I took him to the doctor yesterday and once again we walked out with lots of medication and optimism from the doctor that he should be okay today. Well quite the contrary this morning. He was coughing a lot and he's got a very runny nose. my poor babe is just not well. We hung out at home and made him sleep heaps today. He's been drinking water and thankfully he ate the chicken soup I made him today. I wanted to take him to another doctor today but most of the good clinics we go to were closed. It's still Eid holidays here in Oman and a lot of places are still shut. I hope my darling boy will feel better tomorrow and tomorrow, I will take him to another doctor.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Alex & Isaac

I'd like to wish my twin nephews Alex and Isaac in California a very Happy Birthday and Many Many More to come in the future. Thinking of you guys always. Lots of love from your Samoan family in Oman.
It's my nephews birthday and wish we were all together to celebrate. I've met my darling nephews once when they were like two years old. They were soooo cute and now they're handsome young men. I always wished they could go to Samoa to visit our family but the circumstances don't allow it at the moment. I'm sure when they come of age they will be able to:) Isaac and Alex if you're reading this, we wish you both all the best and reach for the stars. Nothing is unreachable if you put your mind to it. Thinking of you always and lots of love from your Samoan family all over the globe. xxx

Thursday, November 26, 2009

New look & Eid Mubarak

Somebody help me change the look of page already. It's so ancient it's depressing. I mean it was nice for awhile but now I think it's time to move on. Until I make time to discover how to widen it and add another background it will stay this way for now. I will have to beg another blogger out there to help me out here.

It's Eid again here in Oman and wow everyone is in relaxing mode. So if one didn't get pressing office related work done then hold your horses until after Eid. Oman is having a whole week off for Eid which is great for a lot of people. I just love it because the roads are empty and one can drive with ease rather than the usual highly stressful maneuvers one has to dodge or do to avoid getting bumped!
Which reminds me...
when I first got back to Oman in September and I was driving along the desert road towards the other side of town; I was hit with this nostalgic feeling of being back. And I thought how nice it is to be back as I sped along the desert road all open and liberating in a way. I was tugged back to reality when I realized there was a car tailgating me at such a close distance that I could only see half of it! And I thought: Welcome back to Oman:) open roads, crazy drivers and all!

This morning after breakfast my son sat in front of the TV which was turned off and pointed to the TV and kept saying daboon or something that sounded like that. He was determined as he kept gesturing to me and to the TV and saying this word over and over. I finally understood he meant CARTOONS!!! I was so happy that he could say a new word or at least try but not so proud of the fact that he wanted to watch cartoons instead of playing with his toys! That's it when we return from the Christmas holidays Master Tau will go to nursery to play with his age group and learn(for the life of me I can't think of the word I want to use instead of learn) crafts and more useful things. I feel he is bored and I don't do enough to (here's the word) STIMULATE his growing brain:)
Off to bed to get my beauty sleep or at least so I can look human in the morning:)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

boo hoo

So I took Tau to play group at my friend's whose nanny takes charge of Tau and her son for about an hour and a half this morning. I went to the hypermarket to buy some groceries and stock up for our visitors N & R coming from Dubai. Luckily I had doubts that they would make it so didn't buy too much and thought I'd do another trip when they get here. Poor R had just returned from a business trip and thought it far fetched that they would be able to get away.
N was determined and was positive they would make it. Poor N poor me, we were so looking forward to this week-end.
Unfortunately I got the call at around 3.30pm when I got back from the gym that they couldn't make it:(
I had to put the bed and things away before Tau extended his playground on to the fresh sheets.
I went to the gym at 2.30 as today was my last day and the instructor from the other gym was doing the session. I was the only one there today so I had a one on one with the super instructor who was about the size of one of my legs. Well hullo it was hard core. She really worked me to the ground and it was fantastic. During pilates she actually came next to me to correct my poses and hullo the others never did that. I always wondered if I was doing the correct moves and it was good to have this lady show me exactly what to do. Let's say at the end of the hour I was well worked out! Ha! Just when I thought it was getting easy. Tomorrow I go back for my end of the month measurements. I'm not holding my breathe as I was eating like a 300 lb man before I tried to eat properly. I feel fitter and feel a lot better which is the up side!
Which brings me to cooking...
I get into it and try to cook healthy food and then I get sick of it all and just eat what I can be bothered to prepare. Whoever said cooking is fun needs to have their head checked. I am trying to learn more meals by cooking for my son but I dread the day when he becomes a fussy eater and he realizes mummy just throws whatever together to make him a MEAL. I feed him a lot of veges. My theory is kids go off veges if they think it tastes funny which means they weren't eating it for a bit. For example macaroni and cheese meal has no veges in it, spaghetti bolognese is pasta and meat ok it's tomato based but still there are no visible veges in it. So if my son eats these sort of meals for a few days and I try to serve veges he'd obviously go off them as it would then be strange! These are the thoughts of a first time mother so don't hold me to it!
Hubby_dearest is in Dubai for a week for work and it's sonny_boy and I until Saturday. We're off to NZ in two weeks and I can't wait. It's my mother-in-law's 60th and we're flying over for her birthday and have Christmas in Wellington. We're looking forward to it. My sister and family will be there which will be great. And I'm hoping that my mom can come over for Christmas too. Am I asking too much? maybe but well life is all about dreaming and making those dreams a reality. On that note I better get bid adieu, play a few moves on scrabble and head off to bed. I plan to buy Tau a tricycle tomorrow as he jumps on one when-ever he sees it.
On the villa side, we just have to find someone to move into our current apartment and we're home free...okay not really free we still have to pay rent ..

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ia ua lelei

We got up eeeaaaarrrly this morning, more like sonny_boy woke up at 6.23am(I looked at the clock) as he does every morning came into my room and woke me up. Normally I pull him on the bed and he rolls around and plays on the bed while I squeeze in another short snooze but lately Mr. Bossy hits my arm and pulls my hair and makes funny sounds and pointing to the kitchen. He also tries to say susu(milk) in the process. So not unlike a dragon I rise up with steam coming out of my nostrils, hair all over and puffy eyes(not going to bed early enough) I proceed to stomp to the kitchen as I'm still half asleep and it's too much effort to lift my legs, I realize sonny dearest is screaming from the bed for me to bring him along. Sometimes I run as fast as my little legs can take me to the kitchen to fix his bottle but others I give in and pick him up and bring him to the kitchen where he waits impatiently and watches me like a hawk as I prepare his milk. When I try to take him back to my bedroom to have his milk so I can snooze again he does a little twist in my arms and points to the lounge...This means "mommy it's wake up time, not bed time" So he wins as he's right and we come into the lounge where he has his milk and then starts playing with his toys. This morning I made us breakfast then got ready to go to the beach by 8am. We went with a friend here on the compound who also has a little boy two months older than my son. We made it to the beach and it was a fabulous morning. Did I mention I was really tired and just wanted to be back in bed really. Anyway we got the mats out and then the kids proceeded to play on the beach. Tau had a ball using his truck spade and things. Then both boys got into wandering mode and that was the end of any relaxation as we chased the two kids along the beach. They had a great time running along the beach. It's too cold to swim(I didn't even attempt to) but little Tau_man gets quite brave and proceeds to walk towards the ocean which sent shivers down my spine not only due to the chill in the water but fear of him being engulfed by some freak wave!! Anyway he just likes to test my blood pressure by running towards the sea then at the last second he turns around laughs and runs back towards the shore. Cheeky little monkey he is.
After the beach my friend said that we should go have breakfast at Archies on the beach front which was on the same beach we were at. We'd had breakie already but I didn't mind a cup of tea while they had theirs. So we're all in the car and I drove out of where we were towards the restaurant, it's now a real effort for me as I'm just really tired. As I drive out my friend(whose English is very challenging a lot of the time) says to me oh the restaurant is not here! So I hop out and made sure my son's seat was secure as I had originally thought we were just going to park by the cafe. So I strap sonny_boy in properly and proceed to where-ever we were going and then she pipes up again and said that the restaurant was back where we'd just come from!!! Imagine my blood boiling at this point and felt like yelling at this woman to be f*&^ing exact! Anyway the restaurant was D'Arcy's but she pronounced it Archies! like wtf!!! Talk about lost in translation. So the rest of the morning was me trying to keep Tau on my lap and play nice until we went home!
Sonny_boy fell asleep in the car on the way home so I was rejoicing as I would get a snooze as well. I brought him upstairs and put him in bed and he wakes up ready to go! So sleeping went out the window as we made our way to play group. Caught up with some friends there and some other ladies I hardly see came along with their carrots up their behinds as well.
Needless to say Tau had fun. The sitter came later and watched him while I went to my gym class. I've taken up pilates and it's been great. I feel a lot better and it's good to do something about the weight gain that's been creeping up on me! So the class started off with just me and then the other brash friend came along. So the new instructor is not the greatest as she likes to do dance moves which we think just doesn't do it for us, exercise wise! Anyway we were doing some kicking thing and I sort of lost sync with the music and I started laughing. The instructor saw this and was laughing with me and the next thing I knew the other patron(friend) was half shouting at the instructor with a look that could kill saying "what's the problem?"!!!
I was shocked at the woman's outburst but wasn't happy when I saw the instructor's look of horror. I felt sorry for the instructor as they don't earn much and if the patrons aren't happy and say something to the boss it might jeopardize their work. So after a few laps I reassured my mate and told her to calm down the instructor only laughed cos I laughed and it was me she was laughing with/at and not her. The poor woman is quite uncoordinated and normally doesn't care but I guess today she just wasn't having a good day and thought we were laughing at her. I cracked a few jokes during the session and at the end all was well and the two were in okay terms. Good thing diplomatic relations rep was there to fix things ha! Ok I better go to bed now and get a GOOD night's SLEEP.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Life as I know it

Okay so I was a bit too excited last week about the Samoan in town. I went along to meet Mr Samoa guy's wife and ummm don't know if it was me but there was no enthusiasm there. Ok the guy is from NZ and half Samoan moved to the UK and married a lady there. So the lady pretty much summed him by saying he just happens to be Samoan. That's okay I know a lot of Samoans/palagi with identity issues ha! Anyway not fair I haven't met the Samoan dude. I met the gate keeper instead who prefers to keep things the way they are it seemed. choo hooo. Need I say more it was not a warm meeting and we didn't exchange numbers and I didn't even feel like asking for her numbers as we were just NOT gelling(is that a word). So bye to any prospective Samoan toonai soon lol. My other friend checked out the other supposed Samoan that worked with her husband and it turned out that they're from Papua New Guinea! I still asked for their numbers so they can join our Pacific Island community if they want some Pacific vibes in Oman.

Hubby dearest said the other night that he was going out to the local rugby club for a few. I didn't mind as I'd be on scrabble or read my book anyway. 5 seconds later I changed my mind because I hadn't been out in a while so I called our darling baby sitter and decided to crash the boys party ha! Funny thing, I was like a little kid I was so excited when we were just going to the good ol' boring rugby club!!! There were lots of rugby games on that night. NZ vs England and then Samoan played France later. I ate dinner earlier in the evening and by the time we went out my tummy was empty and a few drinks later I don't even remember seeing the ONE try Samoan scored against France 40 something points! Anyway as we do in Samoa we say "well at least they crossed the try line" ha ha! So there's always a positive. But I wasn't feeling positive when I woke up in the morning. I was so hungover and felt awful yesterday. Anyway today is a new day and hopefully I won't be doing that again any time soon. bahaha! Ce la vie!

My beautiful boy is a star. This is my blog so I'm going to brag about my son as much as I like. He's very active and knows what he wants. Lately he comes over and grabs my hand or his daddy's to pull us down to the floor to play games with him. It's just too cute. He likes one of us to roll on the floor with him and he has this habit of jumping on me which hurts like heck but he seems to think it's funny!!! He also knows to point to the fridge where his drinks and yogurt are and he points to what he wants. He's quite bossy I must say. He's starting to fend for himself though still not fast enough when his bestie who's 6 months older pushes him to the ground and tries to ride on his back. I get so pissed off when I see this so I've become more pro-active and actually tell the other child to stop it or no hitting if the parent won't. At first I almost taught my son how to push or fight back and then luckily I had an epiphany(big word just wanted to use it) that I'd be teaching him violence. He'll learn to deal with that sort of situation in his own way which he is already. He tries to get away or just pulls his hand away. The thing is it won't be long before he can give as much as he gets so I don't want to encourage any violence in my little gentle boy.
He loves to talk on the phone, when he sees me on the phone he wants to talk on it too which he does quite well. He walks around with the phone like he's all grown up. Very cute. He loves to blow kisses to his nana when we skype and today he got so enthusiastic with his bye byes he was marching real fast with hands in the air. It was just comical I was laughing so hard. Lately he discovered he can climb on the back of the couch and tries to stand up there too which just about gives me a heart attack. He loves balls, he throws and kicks 'em. He's been learning to pass and scrum with his dad using the rugby ball. He loves the tackling thing and driving daddy meaning his holding on to hubby's legs. So cute. When one of us reprimands him for doing something naughty like playing with the wall socket he then ignores the disciplinarian for a while. He likes to go outside and push his big tonka truck around.
We're off to New Zealand in 3 weeks and I can't wait. I hope Mommy dearest can make it over for Christmas.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Samoan alert in Oman!!!

Two weeks ago I decided to be gung-ho and go out there and meet more people to make life more interesting. I met up with Molly again at play group and both were interested in beach walks so we went for our first walk on the beach two weeks ago and when I got there there was another woman with her baby in tow ready for the walk. So there were three of us with our little ones in tow all ready to face the sun rise on the lovely Shatti beach. So off we went. Nice quick steps and quicker with the chin as we chatted away. So the lady I'd just met asked my nationality and I said Samoan. We talked about NZ and she mentioned that she lived there for three years and her husband was from there. She asked if there were other Samoans here and I said not that I knew off. The only other one I knew left earlier in the year. Anyway as we kept walking and they mentioned a mutual friend of theirs and then Jane exclaimed that she's married to a Samoan!!! Imagine my excitement to discover that there's another Samoan in town! So this week Molly informed me that she'd arranged a coffee meeting with Samoan guy's wife on Sunday so I'd meet her first before we can all meet up with the husbands. So I can't wait to meet her this week-end.
Anyway I went around to Molly's house for a play date and she mentioned that another friend Erika has said that her husband worked with a Samoan and they immediately thought of me so they'll hook us up some time soon!!! So exciting.

Life in Muscat

I've been scouring the papers looking for a good priced villa for us to move to. We currently live in a two bedroom apartment complex which is really nice but feel we need more room for our little son to run around in. I've found one within our budget and am happy with it. It's now a waiting game to see how long it takes for our sponsor company to sort it out and if the landlord is happy with our offer. I'll just hope for the best.

Spa break
Last week-end hubby dearest booked us in a spa resort out of town for the night. It was such a lovely break from town. Beautiful green gardens and grounds. The hotel was spread out and used bikes and carts for people to get around on. It was very nice. I got a deep tissue massage which was so good I didn't want it to end! The pool was big and one side was very shallow that my son enjoyed immensely and it was easy to enjoy as he did his thing and we were just nearby to make sure he was safe. Later we went and played pool at the games room while the bar man was happy to play with Tau!! The staff were superb and the rooms were huge. We'll definitely go back there when we can!! It was fantastic and truly relaxing.

Parental abuse
I was quite concerned when I saw my sister's blog dishing it out to our PM a few days ago. So I called her up to enlighten me on the situation and was pointed to the Samoa Observer website that published our Prime Minister's letter addressed to my Mom who is President of SUNGO which stands for Samoa Umbrella of Non-Governmental Organistations and the CEO of SUNGO Mrs Roina Vavatau. The letter was almost hilarious in it's childish accusations that it's hard to believe that the writer is the man that is leading our poor country. He was accusing my beloved mom and the CEO of SUNGO of self-promotion using SUNGO and saying that this is the first time SUNGO is not working with the govt. I'm not sure where in the NON-governmental organisation he missed the point! The current building that SUNGO operates out of was given to them by the goverment to use. Well as one reader pointed out it's paid by the tax-payers who are also represented by SUNGO in many ways. I was alarmed by the vicious letter but also digusted at the nature of this man that leads our country. In the letter the PM said to SUNGO that the building was given to them by the government so they should keep up the good relations. So the PM thought that giving SUNGO a building would ensure their silence and cooperation! He shoots people down like no one has a right to say anything to him and his government. Well I'm comfortable in the knowledge that my Mom stands for the rights of the people that the govermnent prefers to turn a deaf ear to.
I just did my own digging and it seems like SUNGO has been hindering the PM's plans for awhile now when SUNGO were the ones that stood strong against the switching of the road, that were against the land bill that will allow foreigners to buy Samoan lands. And the latest is the Samoan Americans sent lots of goods to help the villages that suffered from the tsunami and these organisations decided to go through SUNGO to ensure the quick distribution of the goods to those in need and avoid the bureaucracy these things go through if sent to the government.
I spoke to my Mom recently and as expected she's undeterred by the PM's words to them. They're doing their jobs by the people and nothing the PM does or says will stop them. SUNGO haven't been the only ones on the receiving end as the media have also been on the receiving end of these accusations. The PM wants to control the media so that they don't report negative things about the government. Sadly he is acting like a dictator. There is no opposition party at the moment and the ministers that tried to form an opposition party were almost forced out of government, and each time, the government draft a new bill to protect themselves who are in power. Well it will come back to bite them soon enough.

Monday, October 12, 2009


The past week has been one of the saddest in my lifetime. When I heard about the tsunami I spent hours glued to the news on TV and also news from family and friends online. Video after video and story after story unfolded the horrific extent of the damage the tsunami had done to my beloved people. It felt wrong sitting in my nice apartment eating well with my family when across the oceans my fellow Samoans were fighting for their lives let alone looking for their toddlers, wives or parents. Each story seemed sadder than the last and I end up crying harder. Just when I think I'm okay I see yet another sad video and the loss is so endless I crying again. But the amazing thing is or what warms me in a way is that I know I'm not alone in this. I think anyone who is Samoan has been like me in the past two weeks, just a wreck and with puffy eyes from crying so much. I never thought I could cry so much in a week. I would find my husband with red-rimmed eyes by the computer and then I'd see he's also been reading up on the events back home. I'd show him a video I found online and again I'd cry with him as I watch the sad tale again. And then the survival stories trickle through that lifts the spirit only for a while before you come across another heartbreaking story. Yesterday was White Sunday in Samoa and my sister FJ shared the Tagata Pasifika online link which covered more from Samoa. And one young woman who has lost both her toddler and baby, clearly very distraught in her distant grieving voice and face that hid nothing she said that God gave her the most beautiful children and He had taken them back. Just when I think I'm on my recovery journey I see something like that and I'm back to square one as I cannot fathom what it's like to lose your family in an instant like that and in such a tragic way. I pray for that woman and her pain, I pray for all of them that suffered so much loss. I pray for their recovery from deep emotional wounds. I pray they find a way to move forward amidst the loss and devastation.
I busied myself along with many other Samoan brothers and sisters by finding ways to encourage people to donate what you can to Samoa to help feed, clothe and house them for now and later to rebuild. When I spoke to my youngest sister who is in Samoa and was at the devastated areas from the start she told of how they finally found our relatives in Saleapaga. Sadly our aunty that we all know died in the tsunami but the rest of the family were thankful that as sad as it was they lost ONE person as opposed to all their neighbours who lost at least three members of their families. It's amazing that in the midst of their grief they see the bright side as well. This is an amazing story that my sister told me of our cousin Paneta's experience. Paneta told my sister that when he saw the wave heading towards them after his father who first saw it and alerted the neighbourhood to run for the hills. Paneta ran back to the big fale(house) and grabbed his 4 year old son Seti and nephew Lailua. With both boys in either arm he tried to run as fast as he could up the hill towards the cliff like most of the neighbourhood. He said he didn't get far before the wave hit him from behind. He said it was so powerful he realised he'd lost grip of his son Seti. He was trying to stay afloat hold his nephew and get to the cliff before the wave receded. He saw his son a few metres from him, out of his reach. He said he thought there is no way he can get to him now and save them all so he said a silent prayer to God and said God if this is your will, then so be it. So he yelled out to his son: 'Fa Seti' meaning 'Goodbye Seti' as ge watched his son's head bobbing in the wave. He managed to get on the cliff with the help of others who were already there and his nephew due to the roughness suffered a minor head injury. As they stood on the cliff and watched the devastation and the water receding, they heard a little voice yelling out to help him. And when they looked towards the stream which the water had now receded towards, there was his 4 year old son Seti hanging onto a banana tree trunk trying to swim to the river bank. Seti escaped without a single scratch on his body. When my sister asked little Seti how he survived. Seti said he just kept swimming then he saw the banana tree trunk and hung on to it and kept swimming. I see this as a miracle. Maybe God hearing Paneta's prayer decided his will is that Seti must survive! I don't know what it was but that is one of the most beautiful stories that came out of this devastation.
People ask me how my family are and how Samoa's doing and I find myself fighting back tears as I try to answer them in a composed way. It's been a terrible terrible week for Samoans around the world but mostly those that were affected directly. However the united front that our people have put up in order to fundraise and donate to the victims has been downright amazing. The reaction from our neighbours New Zealand and Australia have been nothing but just incredible. I had applied for NZ citizenship a couple of months ago and I commented to my husband that I would accept that citizenship with much pride and appreciation even more so considering the outpouring of support and assistance from New Zealand to Samoa. Thank you to everyone that have kept us in your thoughts and prayers and those that have given things to help our people. Your help is always welcome. Ia faatutumuina e le Atua mea ua faagaogaoina ona o lo outou alolofa.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Samoa Tsunami

I had just hopped into bed last night when the landline started ringing. I ran out to the lounge to pick up the phone and my heart started pounding as late calls usually mean bad news. It was my mother inlaw calling to inform us that a tsunami had just hit Samoa and if my family was okay. The sick feeling I felt in the pit of my stomach was all I felt at that very moment. My mind raced as I tried to think if my family were in the danger areas. Poutasi, Falealili was mentioned and I felt even more sick as my sister J was in Poutasi to do her research there and now I was praying that she had left the area. I hung up the phone and started the marathon calls to Samoa to all my family's numbers. As I've just changed phones I didn't have all the numbers saved but these I have committed to memory. Amazing in the moment of stress and panic, I couldn't remember some of the numbers that I dial over and over. Panic rose as I could not get through to anyone. I was just not connecting. I then rang Nets(Samoan sister) in Dubai to see if she knew and she was the one that updated me that everyone in Apia were evacuated to higher grounds however Lalomanu, Falealili and Satupaitea received the wrath of the wave and suffered losses to property and loved ones! Netia was skyping with Utu in Geneva and we were conference calling as we tried to make sense of what was going on at home. My internet was down so I couldn't even be updated online or get to my family that way. Nets who was on facebook saw my my journalist sister(CJ) had just updated her status on the disaster then sent her a message from me if they were okay. Within 20 minutes my sister who was online sending off news returned the message that they were all okay and not to worry about our family. So I said my prayers of thanks my family was spared but prayed for others that were injured and lost loved ones themselves:( I tried to call again but to no avail.
I woke up this morning to more disastrous news that there were more deaths than anticipated. The beautiful beaches of Lalomanu and Falealili were washed away. A lot of the beach fales in Lalomanu were washed away so it is feared that many tourists may have perished in the tsunami as well. The female owner of Sinalei Resort is said to have died in the tsunami and her husband is in the hospital injured. They were friends of Mom's and very popular people in the community. So so sad and am praying for all the victims families and those who are suffering in Samoa.
I urge people to send what you can to help. They need tents, water, clothing and I say send money to the Samoan Red Cross if you can as they will be at the front helping people in the villages.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Today was the first day the metro started running here in Dubai. The radio stations and newspapers also published the rules and regulations for the metro. The metro is the hopeful relief to the traffic problems here in Dubai so we'll see what happens. The traffic is still a major problem here. Nets drove to pick us up from the hotel which is 10 mins away from her so we could go to a friend's birthday breakfast and well she was still in traffic in the morning for 2 whole hours!!! The breakfast turned into a birthday lunch due to our tardiness thanks to the traffic.

We're currently at Nets and Rich's in Sharjah and having a ball. We haven't quite made it home just yet on our way from New Zealand.

It's my birthday
Two years in a row now I'm in the UAE for my birthday. I'm such a lucky girl. Nets got up early and made us all a lovely bacon and eggs breakfast. It was fantastico. Later in the evening the ladies of Dubai came over and we had a few drinks, laughs and danced a lot. It was a good evening indeed. Meanwhile Tau is fast asleep in the room(a lovely present from my darling son) and hubby was in Oman working. He arrived at 3am just when we couldn't stay on our feet:) Thanks to our darling friends Nets and Rich for such a lovely day. On top of that I got loads of well-wishes from family and friends which made me feel special:)

Dragon Mart
We went out tho Dragon Mart of Emirates Road in Dubai and what a place. It was a huge market place type of mall with everything you can think off and a cheaper price than you'd get anywhere else. Either they were the real thing or you could get a knock off of some good phones. They had dual sim cell phones which were pretty cool and reasonably priced. So that was an interesting trip.

We're still in the UAE with our friends. We're actually staying in Sharjah with Nets and Goose and it's great.
This is our daily routine.
7am wake up with Tau have breakfast then read a book or go on the internet. When eveyone's awake we have a tennis game on Wii. So the day continues with one challenging the other for another game. It's just a lot of fun. We have lunch and then out to do something or go swimming downstairs. Tau is at a no-fear stage with swimming. He just walks straight INTO the pool. Not even pause and jump it's just like he's walking along but the next step is off the edge and into the pool. Needless to say I was kept on my toes with eyes WIDE open watching him. He had fun and I sort of had fun running after him. Right now I hear Nets mixing something in the kitchen and Tau is in their chatting away to her like he's really talking. Nets is of course humouring him and they seem to be speaking the same language...heh heh She gonna kill me for that comment.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tau's 1st Birthday

We had planned to have Tau's brithday at the beach since it's prettier out there and the beach will keep the kids busy for hours. We were going to bbq on the beach and have a pig on the spit and celebrate till we drop. Come Saturday morning we woke up to heavy rain and heavy clouds. We thought it might be better on the other side of the island so my dear sister and nieces drove on ahead to hold a couple of fales for us before we all descends upon the chosen beach. Well we were constantly in touch and 'sister' called to say that it was stormy out at the beach. So a quick call around to the other family and my older sister suggested we do the birthday at their place since it's indoors away from the rain and in town. So I called all the cars that were heading towards the beach and everyone happily did their u-turns and headed back to town including us.
We kicked started the celebrations with games for the kids that even the adults joined in. It was just hilarious. Grandma lead most of the games and it was just good fun. Among my own family there must have been twenty kids of all ages. The kids enjoyed themselves but the poor birthday boy was teething and only had about 20 minutes of total enjoyment before succumbing to the pain and going to sleep for the rest of the afternoon. We had the food at about 2.30pm and the pig came off the spit yummy and scrumptious along with the lamb chops and sausages from the barbie, taro, luau and others. Great food and the cake was also yummy from Adria's. It was a fun party and I think everyone enjoyed it. Later on when everyone left, Tau went home with his nana and poppa and we(daddy, Aunty Relle and Aunty Nets, uncle Kilisi and self) went out to relax and celebrate Tau's first birthday our way. It was a nice night of sheer stupidity, laughs and catching up with cousins old mates and new people.
Thanks to everyone that made baby Tau's birthday a success: Grandma VMJ, Aunty Lani & hubby, Aunty Relle, Uncle Kilisi, Nana Sue n Poppa Jim, Aunty Nets, Aunty Vicky and Aunty Andrea.

Sunday, July 05, 2009


We spent the whole of June in Samoa and it was just beautiful. Tau and I arrived in Samoa on June 2nd and hubby arrived on the 9th. Unfortunately the holiday kicked off on a sad note due to the death of the sister of friends due to a car accident. Net was still in Samoa so we both went to the family service which was very touching and a beautiful celebration of her life. She was a beautiful girl that lived life to the fullest. I didn't know her well but were only friends on bebo. She was a very active member on bebo and now miss her constant updates on her busy social life and her love for her beautiful niece that she's left behind. I could not imagine the pain the family is experiencing at the sudden loss of their beloved sister and daughter. I pray that they are healing and coming to terms in some way with their tragic loss.
Nets and I went out a couple of nights to check out the local scene that we had missed out on in the past months! Nice to see that no one missed us and that everything was the same! I love go you come back and it's the same beloved people that keep the outing culture alive in paradise.
It was lovely to see mom and the rest of the family and friends whom we hadn't seen in awhile.
Row your boat
Jody sent her 2 year old daughter with hubby's parents for a week in Samoa with us. It was lovely having little MM over and by the time she left all the kids in the family were singing row row you boat and screaming at the end after being thrown overboard.
Village Politics
Savaii is as tranquil as ever at least in our neck of the woods...even more so as we are ostracized from our village..ha! Funny though most of people working at the hotel are from the said village so hmmm. The family dynamics haven't changed one bit and whether it is moving forward is yet to be seen. I guess the next few months will determine our status in the village. Funny though that the courts ruled that we are the rightful owners of the titles and yet one selfish man in the village who wants it all is driving the cowardly village matais to keep us out! Village politics is something else as well move aside John Key and the gang.
Road Switch
The road switch is set to go ahead in September and on the Samoan Observer Newspaper everyday is a government sponsored ad that counts down towards the switch date and with the message: 'your life is your responsibility!' Yes the government have passed a bill that they will not be held accountable for any lives lost due to any accidents that occur as a result of the road swith. Currently Samoans drive on the right side of the road but the government are changing it to the left side! Well I was appalled that they are spending so much money on this unnecessary switch and yet the state of the roads all over Upolu and in the township in Savaii is outrageous. Half the time you are trying to avoid the deep potholes on the add the road switch on top of that, there will be countless accidents unless the draw arrows all over the roads in Samoa and hope for the best:(

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Arrived Safely

Here were are in Hamilton NZ. We had a good but looooong flight from Oman. Tau was very good the whole way. I was chasing him up the aisles as he crawled up and down and smiled at the different passengers. Some quite happy to entertain him, others with scowls on their faces of which Tau then kept going or wouldn't move till her got some acknowledgment ha ha! I love my smiling little boy. There are some courteous people out there. In Muscat one guy offered to bring take our cabin bag onto the plane and proceeded to follow us all the way stowed the bag and then told me that he will take it off the plane until we part ways in Dubai. I was taken aback but thanked him profusely and sat down to make Tau comfortable. The guy did as he promised when we landed in Dubai. Once off the aircraft I put Tau in the sling and dragged our bag along. Once we made it into the main terminal I found Emirates strollers that I then blonked Tau into and went to look for the evasive Marhaba lounge which we had booked into, to spend the next four hours in. Well I thought we would leave from Terminal 3 which had the newer lounge and this was the Emirates terminal supposedly. I looked at my boarding pass and realised that our gate was in the opposite direction. So I stopped a buggy driven by two local guys and asked where my gate was. The driver said but you are on the other side and you must go back. I asked if we could get a ride on their buggy which had free seats. The guy said sorry I can't but look for another buggy. I said but you're the only one I've seen since I got here. Unbelievable that they didn't even offer to help or call another buggy. I thanked then and turned to go towards our gate. Stuff the Marhaba lounge I was not going to run a marathon just to get to my gate when it was time to leave, plus my feet were killing me.
And yep our gate was at Terminal 1 on the other side. As it worked out the old Marhaba lounge was right next to our gate. So boo hoo I didn't get to try out the new one but we happily lounged in it and ate and drank while waiting for our connecting flight.
We got our requested seat on the flight from Dubai to NZ which was fantastic. An UAE citizen sat next to us who couldn't have been nicer and more tolerant with bubs the whole way. Tau proceeded to play with him or kick the poor guy's tv screen due to limited space but the super pax took it all in his stride. I say God bless that guy. Meanwhile a younger couple next to the super pax had started to give bubs the looks when he made some noise to which I eyeballed them until they smiled and pretended to like Tau.
Tau was really good and when it was bed time he slept for awhile in the bassinet. The flight attendants were nice enough. One guy was really good with babies and everytime he walked past he would try to get a reaction from Tau.
We stopped over in Melbourne. Come boardig time one lady offered to take our bag onto the flight. I was soooo releived when we got here. Gui and my niece Maeva were waiting for us with a spongebob baloon for Tau which was sooo sweet. We headed straight for my Aunty's in South Auckland and had a big toonai that was awaiting us of Samoan food. My older sister Lani had just arrived a few hours before us from Samoa with some favourites so it was fantastic. We drove home and knocked out as we were tooo tired. Tau woke up at midnight and stayed up till 3am. The next night he was up again at midnight until 5am!!! Last night I was too tired I just left him in his cot. Best to let him know already that it's not playtime but SLEEP time. So needless to say I feel much better today from a good night's sleep. About to head out to look around and buy some food for the little man. It's great to see my sister and family. Tau and his cousin Maeva are getting along fine and so cute together. Maeva is in to puzzles at the moment. She can put one together really fast. While she's at it Tau would crawl along a grab a piece and that's when Maeva says 'go way' go away to Tau. It's funny to watch these two.
Good to be with the family and looking forward to see more this week-end yipppeeeee.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Survivor Samoa

I just watched the final episode of Survivor Tocantins which was filmed in Brazil. I actually enjoy watching this show. It's a live documentary of the Human Species at it's best and worst. So tonight JT the southerner won. He was a nice guy and he deserved to win much more than his 'BS artist' friend Stephen who could not tell the truth to save himself. Anyway in the end, most of those people end up lying, break people's trust just to get further in the game. It's a great show of how a million dollars affect people's decisions and the way they treat each other.
They've announced that the next show will be filmed in my beloved country SAMOA. I think it's great tourism exposure for Samoa but I wonder also about other factors that might affect the ecosystem there. For example what greenery are they going to clear in order to shoot the show and do the challenges. Watching the past shows, I always cringed at the use and abuse of nature by some of the competitors on the show. It just shows how different cultures and up-bringings affect people and how we perceive things. For example in one of the shows...I can't remember which exactly...but at the end when the remaining survivors were about to leave the 'island' they proceeded to burn the camp and everything they used. I couldn't believe it...
First of all- the danger to the environment, of causing a massive fire in the woods and the smoke itself billowing from the fire. Unnecessary pollution in an isolated area.
Second - such wastage, those items could have been used by others or locals in the area.
Anyway I look forward to the Survivor Samoa show and hope they are getting good advisors on cultural issues so I don't get pissed off when they don't explain something right. ha ha


I've just realised I haven't blogged in a long time. Sad but in all honesty I have my moments of questioning if there is anything worth blogging about in my life. A while ago...blame it on PMS/PMT.. I wondered about what I'm doing with my life. Should I got back to work and make something(carreer path) for myself or should I just relish the fact that I'm blessed to be able to stay home and look after my son? I've had many MANY conflicting thoughts about this. I actually felt embarrassed to even blog about it. I sometimes do not put my honest feelings and thoughts on this blog because it makes me feel too exposed! This blog is so personal and has everything about me that I feel some things are best left to me, myself and I - until now :)
However when I hear one of my sisters who is also a mother and holds a full time job cry over lost time with her child, I count my blessings and think maybe I should just be thankful for what I do. Don't get me wrong I love my time with my baby and just being able to watch him grow (literally), but I think my own prejudices of others in the same situation makes me feel bad. Funny that one Samoan saying is very true in this matter "Ua toe fasia lava oe i ou mafaufauga" traslates into "You harm yourself with your own thoughts".
So lately I've been trying to clear my head of such negative thoughts about stay-at-home-moms...(ha I even dislike that label immensely)...there, that's a step away from 'hate' itself:)
Last Friday(Sunday in Oman) I went to church.. as someone(Samoan) would then comment to this...all the angels in Heaven must have sung and danced that day because I'd finally made it to church. Yep I haven't been in a long time. I do want to go but then something comes up or I just don't want to get up...plain and simple. So now with my son, I've thought of how I learned about my faith and realised that in order for him to learn about God, I've got to go to church so that he has a base for his faith in his life. What he does with it later is his choice just like it was my choice with mine.
Actually this dilemma came up when a friend whose son goes to school here was asked by the teacher if it was okay if her son went to the Islamic classes they had. As Oman is a Muslim country and the school is predominantly Muslim. She was asked permission which is fair and my friend said she answered yes. However she wasn't very sure if she had done the right thing. I thought about it and said that it actually did matter a lot. What he learns now will be the basis for his faith forever. So if she wants her son to be Muslim then yes by all means let him learn it at school however if she wants him to be a Christian(like she was) then teach him so. I told her so and she asked how her son would learn about Christianity.... and there the question was posed; on how I was going to teach my own son about our faith?
My answer: I, the parent start going to church and when sonny boy can walk on his own and listen for more than a minute to the teacher, he will come with me and he will learn about God at Sunday school and of course I shall read the bible to him. I will also try and explain that God is who we follow and not a 'Church'.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Yesterday we drove back from Sharjah after five days with Netia and Rich. Needless to say we had an awesome time. Better yet Tau was comfortable and settled in quite well until he decided to give us a hard time and woke up in the middle of the night just for the heck of it. Didn't help after a few wines with Nets ha ha! The boys went out for a game of golf at the Sharjah golf club while Nets, Tau and I went to check out the Dubai Mall. The traffic wasn't too bad and for the first time I drove in the midst of Dubai's notorious traffic. I must say it wasn't too bad. Maybe the recession has something to do with it! Anyway one more mall to the Dubai list and wow what a mall. It's fairly cosy and they had this amazing waterfall at one end with silver men diving into the water. Very nice and a few steps further you come across the magnificent aquarium with sharks, all sorts of fish, sting-rays and human divers heh heh It was quite something. Very deep and huge. Not far was an indoor ice skating rink! This Mall is below the tallest building in the world that they're still building. It has surpassed all the other building in Dubai by double and still going!
Anyway we had a relaxing time and really enjoyed the time with our friends.

Friday, March 20, 2009

New Baby left on flight from Samoa

I just saw this news on of a woman that gave birth and left her newbown baby on a Poly Blue flight from Samoa yesterday. Staff found the baby in the toilet and reported it to the authorities immediately. According to a woman suspected to be the mother later approached customs bleeding heavily. Both baby and mother were then taken to the hospital and received treatment there.
My heart goes out to that woman and her plight. I pray that the little miracle survives and nothing is wrong with it. Details are not clear on why she did what she did but this is not news. This happens too often than not in Samoa. Some of the cases that I know of is a woman has a back or tummy ache and when they go to the hospital they are shocked to be told that they are in fact experiencing labour and about to have a baby.
The pressure from family and society, I think, forces women to deny that they are in fact pregnant. Admitting one is pregnant outside of marriage is advertising that she is indeed having sex! Coincidentally we were talking about this with a friend of mine and she did not believe that women could hide or are not aware they are pregnant until they actually give birth.
I think this is where the phenomenon of mind over matter comes into play. The women being so frightened of the social, cultural and religious repercussions on herself and her family proceed to hide or deny their pregnancies probably with the hope that it'll just go away and they won't have to deal with it. I know of at least three cases where this happened. Three of them are all well educated intelligent women and this is what I find appalling. The pressures from family and society is so strong that even these intelligent women, against their better judgement decide (maybe subconciously) to hide the shame they are cursed with(?) One of the cases ended in marriage because she was in fact in a relationship with the father of the baby. The other also kept her baby and is in a close relationship with the father of her baby. The last also kept her baby unfortunately or maybe fortunately the 'little' man she conceived her little blessing with denied any involvement as he was about to be married to someone else. However in all three cases these women are doting mothers to their babies and their families of course were and are there for them.
Our society still praises the virginal all-round 'good' girl image and tarnishes or gossip endlessly about those who don't fall under that category. However the all-round good girl image is very fragile as people will still make up false stories to ruin people's reputations.
I dislike the fact that because of all this pretentiousness some women are robbed of the right or the experience of enjoying and celebrating their being pregnant. It is after-all a pregnancy, and a precious human being is the end result of it all. Why does it matter how or who was involved in the making of it? Or whether those involved are worthy? What's done is done just focus on the journey and the child that will emerge at the end. In the end this child will be told one way or another(by some other pretentious ass) of all this heartache and shame that its mother went through before its arrival.
I feel strongly about this because it pisses me off that people have the need to gossip endlessly about those that get pregnant before marriage when in fact this actually happens in every family. People are quick to point fingers and yet the year before someone in their family had the same plight. It is an awful awful cycle. So I say to all those women that fall pregnant at home... just come out and tell your family... do not try and hide it... they will have to deal with it after all and you'll be surprised by their reaction. ENJOY your pregnancy. You are beautiful and just tell those other buggers to bugger off.
(note from the writer-excuse the strong language at the end as the writer got sick of trying to dress up her disgust-choo hooo)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Two days ago on hubby's day off I went to get a haircut around lunch time. So it was just daddy and baby for lunch together. I came home and bubs was having his afternoon nap and hubby was relaxing proudly. I took bubs for a walk and a play in the gardens with other kids in the neighbourhood and got wind of a yoga class at the gym later in the day. I came home with bubs and told hubby that I was going to yoga so he will have to do feeding and the whole bedtime routine on his own. He was cool with it so off I went. I came back after class and bubs was already in bed, fed and bathed and hubby looked very relieved. I had a shower and was relaxing in the lounge when came in and said, wait for it; "Honey I appreciate everything you do."
"yep it ain't easy is it now" was my cheeky reply.
Of course when it's dinner time and bubs is tired and hungry he wants to be picked up. So trying to hold him and prepare his dinner at the same time requires three arms which every parent experiences. Anyway we appreciate each other but it's nice to hear it now and again:)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Monday, February 09, 2009

How many is too many?

I was so shocked when I saw the news about the woman who had octuplets by in vitro fertilization and on top of that already has six children. I saw her interview where she said she wanted to have lots of children because she was a lonely child. How is having fourteen kids an answer to a lonely childhood? How is she going to raise all of them financially, physically and emotionally? She said that she's not on welfare. It came out that her three older children receive disability payments from the government and she gets US$490.00 worth of food stamps a month from the State. So I'm not sure what she calls those if not welfare. There are so many questions about this case. How is she going to feed and look after all of them? Did she think about how she's going to have time for all of them? I really wanted to hear what her parents had to say and saw that her mother, the octuplets grandma was interviewed on and there's the true story if you ask me. The grandma is exhausted and talks about her daughter's choice as 'unconscionable'. She said she was tired of looking after the other six children as they all live with them. Obviously the octuplet mom has counted in her parents as part of the grand plan to look after her 14 children. In my opinion she's been very selfish with her choices. But well with all the publicity surrounding her family I'm sure there'll be lots of offers and freebies for her family which sure will help raise her many children. I just hope she uses whatever she gets for the welfare of her current kids and not on more IVFs!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I watched Obama's inaugaration with so much enthusiasm that I'm sure I was an African slave in the US in my past life. I had tears in my eyes as I watched history unravel before my eyes. And I feel that I was in tune with what all those hopeful people standing in the cold were feeling and listening to Obama's speech I believed in that change and have faith that changes are on the way. 'Hope over fear' was an important line in his speech. It was amazing to flick from CNN to Sky to BBC and find that all the commentators were so positive with their comments. Another thing I found interesting about the inaugaration was having an opening and a closing prayer. I don't know if it's always been like that but it carried on to the lunches the following day which were opened with a prayer. This is normal in Samoa where nothing is done without a blessing so maybe this is one of Obama's changes to put God back in the "In God we trust" logo of theirs. Great start I say.
One thing for sure is he has a lot of work to do so there are a lot of expectations but he isn't a magician either. However after hearing that speech one feels hopeful and have faith that there may be some good changes underway.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mabrook Oman

And so the celebrations continue late into the night here in Oman. We walked down to the road in front of our building to find it in chaos as people are celebrating on the roads. People are sitting on their cars and on the windows hanging out with flags and all dressed in their colours to celebrate their win tonight. I hate to think of the accident toll tonight due to the excitement. There are also children with their heads out the windows. What's funny is all this is live on TV as they cover all around the country and their celebrations on the roads. The cars are still moving on the highway and some people are dancing on the streets. People are just elated. The top scorer, best goalie and best player got apartments in developments around the country. The reporters are on the highway stopping cars and interviewing random people driving past. It's all in Arabic but the pride shining through need no translation as they praise their team and his majesty. Congratulations Oman.
Two shots Alex took of people celebrating on the streets.

Gulf Football Cup

I'm watching the Oman vs Saudi final on TV. It's being held at the local stadium near us so we can hear the cheering. This is a football loving nation and wow I've never seen such patriotism in the way the Omanis are supporting their team. For this occasion people are allowed to decorate their cars with the Oman colours. So the cars on the roads are quite colourful, some with stickers stuck all over their cars of the Oman flag colours and others bear the team posters.
The stadium is very colourful just like anywhere else with the team colours in the crowd. There are also lots of women in the crowd and interesting also they are wearing the team colours as scarves and others with the wigs even but still manage to be conservative.It's quite something. It's great that the women are very involved as well.
Right now they're going on to a shoot out as it's full time now and no score on the board. Ali Al Habsi is the local hero. He's the goalie for Oman and also plays for Bolton in the UK. 5 all in the shoot out and then Saudi shot the next goal and missed. The Omani shot and got the 6th goal. Needless to say it's a big party around Oman tonight. This is like the FIFA world cup in theis region. People are crying on the screen of happiness and for the Saudis tears of sadness. Ali Al Habsi is running around the stadium encouraging more cheering. What an amazing moment to witness here.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tausaga Fou

It's long overdue that I update my blog. We did a lot since my last entry. Hubby was quite busy on the phones when we got back from the desert to find us a place to stay in Salalah. We had decided to go to Salalah for New Year's plus we hadn't been there before. So hubby found a villa at the Crowne Plaza with 3 bedrooms for a very good price that we started packing right away for our trip the very next day. Tau, his nana and I were to fly down the following afternoon while hubby, his dad and the kids were to drive the 1000kms down early the next morning.
We landed in Salalah at about 2pm and what a sight it was. It was very green it was just like being back home. I was so surprised and immediately warmed to the place. Moreover the drive from the airport was like that from Faleolo airport to Satapuala with rows after rows of coconuts trees on both sides of the road. We checked in and as I was so tired we just went to the villa relaxed and tried to have a nap. Didn't succeed but went to have a look around the hotel grounds which was just beautiful. Hubby and the rest of the family arrived later in the afternoon after 8 and a 1/2 hours of driving down the desolate and barren road to Salalah. We went enjoyed the sunset on the beach. Later in the evening hubby and the family went out to see the markets and do some shopping for dinner. I put Tau to sleep and in the process I went to bed as well as I was exhausted from lack of sleep the night before due to Tau's teething. Hubby woke me for dinner but I valued sleep more at that point and didn't want to leave the bed. Anyway I woke up at 12.30am to find hubby fast asleep and the whole house was quiet. I found everyone else had slept through to New Year's day! The next day we wished everyone a happy New Year and skipped to the beach to bask in the sun. Tau stayed with his nana and they came to the beach later. I had such a lovely time. Everyday involved a bit of sightseeing in the morning before going to the beach for a swim and some sun.

Alex with niece Grace and nephew Caleb having a break during their drive down to Salalah.
Tau relaxing on the lawn near our rented fale.
Tau after we visited Job's Tomb.
Beautiful scenery all around Salalah
Us at the pool side about to have a swim.