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Off on another adventure tomorrow.

Tomorrow we're off to Dubai for a couple of nights before we go on to see friends in Ireland and onwards from there. I can't wait to visit Ireland.

Wadi Shabb Hotel Stay

We drove down to Ras Al Hadd to see the turtles with our 6 and 1 year olds. We stopped at Wadi Shabb Hotel for the night. We enjoyed the hotel pool and had a swim on the spectacular pebble beach in front of the hotel. We took my SUP board so did a bit of paddling along the beach. It was really calm so it was a beautiful relaxing paddling session. There were a lot of fish and I saw a stingray which darted off as I came closer.
The downside was the plastic rubbish strewn everywhere which was just awful. There was plastic in the sea and along the beach. The rock face on the West of the hotel was just beautiful as the sun set. The hotel was empty that night so we ate alone and the food was delicious. All the staff par for one receptionist who was there in the morning were non-locals. The place lacked any personal touch and just felt bland though the rooms were clean and spacious and the food was yummy.