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Diary Entry March 26th 2007: Hong Kong

Arrived in Hong Kong. Brad and son Zack picked us up from the airport. Went home to their pad which is very nice with green scenery all around. Had a little nap before dinner as I was exhausted. Thai airways seats were very uncomfortable and couldn't find THE spot to get good sleep.
Muscat to Karachi: 1.50mins
Karachi to Bangkok: 5 hrs
Bangkok to Hong Kong: 3 hrs Very long uncomfortable flight, hated it.
Brad is an old friend of Alex's from back in flying school and Alex was the best man at their wedding. First time I've met Brad and Rhonda. Super couple with three adorable kids. Very smart and disciplined kids. Zack however is very active and is a rugby player in the making.
27th March 2007
Went for a ride on the cable car up to see the biggest outdoor buddha. Beautiful views from up there and it was a long nice ride. 60% of Hong Kong is reserved so it's very green though one can see the sky scrapers on the other side of the island.
We also went into a monastery temple wi…

Back to Oman!

Once again, I said goodbye to Mom at Auckland airport and of course like that of a wadi after heavy rains, tears were gushing forth as I waved goodbye. I walked away quickly so that it wasn't so obvious though when I reached the bathrooms after security checks I was horrified that my face was all red and eyes puffed up already. So I detoured again into a cubicle to cry all my tears out before putting on the good ol' shades and walked out feeling as if the whole world had just seen me cry and what a shame! Doesn't hurt to cry now and then though! Just weeks earlier we had a similar farewell with Alex parents in Wellington. Funny how we still feel like kids when we go home to see our parents.
My trip was great, filled with laughter with family, friends and of course sisterly bickering that only sisters experience that is forgotten after the last word. I'm still jet lagged after the long flights and my brain is very slow right now. So I'll call it quits for now and wr…

My Mom's 18th grandchild and first born to my sister!

This morning we witnessed the birth of my beautiful niece Moelagi Maeva Becerra at 1.23am, 3rd of May 2007. She weighs 8lbs 6oz (3.8KG) and as long as 53cms. Both baby and mommy are well after seven hours of labour which the experts said wasn't bad for a first timer. It was a water birth and we were all there to support my sister singing with Mom. Mom and Relle came from Samoa, Sis from Europe and I from Oman. Baby's father(who's French) was also present throughout to support his wife. It was a beautiful experience. My sister was calm and very strong throughout and baby emerged without any hassles. Thank God for such a beautiful gift to sis and hubby and for the safe delivery this morning. Amen. Our job is done here. My other sister leaves tomorrow night, I, back to Oman on Monday and the rest leave in 2 weeks. Thanks to everyone for the prayers and support for sister and hubby. Ia manuia.

Three generations of Jackson women: Grandma Moelagi, Jody and Baby Maeva Moelagi.

The …