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Frozen phenomena

So I have sons and didn't know about the Frozen movie until I saw friends post youtube videos of different people doing covers of the songs from the movie. When it came on pay tv I had to rent it and watched it with my 5 year old. Needless to say we were hooked. We must have watched it about 3 times until it got cancelled. I was so impressed with the movie. My son enjoyed it and we sung along in funny ways to the songs until he told his boy mates about it and an older mate told him it was a 'girl' movie. I told him it's not really and we talked about it then he was okay again about liking it!What I loved was the fact that the sisters saved each other as for once it wasn't about a prince's kiss that saved the day. I liked that it changed the usual fairy tale ending of prince saving the girl but instead that the girl(Elsa in this case) can channel her power and strength and save herself and others. Also Anna's determination and belief in her sister that she m…