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Arrived Safely

Here were are in Hamilton NZ. We had a good but looooong flight from Oman. Tau was very good the whole way. I was chasing him up the aisles as he crawled up and down and smiled at the different passengers. Some quite happy to entertain him, others with scowls on their faces of which Tau then kept going or wouldn't move till her got some acknowledgment ha ha! I love my smiling little boy. There are some courteous people out there. In Muscat one guy offered to bring take our cabin bag onto the plane and proceeded to follow us all the way stowed the bag and then told me that he will take it off the plane until we part ways in Dubai. I was taken aback but thanked him profusely and sat down to make Tau comfortable. The guy did as he promised when we landed in Dubai. Once off the aircraft I put Tau in the sling and dragged our bag along. Once we made it into the main terminal I found Emirates strollers that I then blonked Tau into and went to look for the evasive Marhaba lounge which we…

Survivor Samoa

I just watched the final episode of Survivor Tocantins which was filmed in Brazil. I actually enjoy watching this show. It's a live documentary of the Human Species at it's best and worst. So tonight JT the southerner won. He was a nice guy and he deserved to win much more than his 'BS artist' friend Stephen who could not tell the truth to save himself. Anyway in the end, most of those people end up lying, break people's trust just to get further in the game. It's a great show of how a million dollars affect people's decisions and the way they treat each other.
They've announced that the next show will be filmed in my beloved country SAMOA. I think it's great tourism exposure for Samoa but I wonder also about other factors that might affect the ecosystem there. For example what greenery are they going to clear in order to shoot the show and do the challenges. Watching the past shows, I always cringed at the use and abuse of nature by some of the com…


I've just realised I haven't blogged in a long time. Sad but in all honesty I have my moments of questioning if there is anything worth blogging about in my life. A while ago...blame it on PMS/PMT.. I wondered about what I'm doing with my life. Should I got back to work and make something(carreer path) for myself or should I just relish the fact that I'm blessed to be able to stay home and look after my son? I've had many MANY conflicting thoughts about this. I actually felt embarrassed to even blog about it. I sometimes do not put my honest feelings and thoughts on this blog because it makes me feel too exposed! This blog is so personal and has everything about me that I feel some things are best left to me, myself and I - until now :)
However when I hear one of my sisters who is also a mother and holds a full time job cry over lost time with her child, I count my blessings and think maybe I should just be thankful for what I do. Don't get me wrong I love my t…