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Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

Friday: 11.30 am Muscat time: I've just tuned into the royal wedding coverage on BBC Entertainment and I've already been using tissues thanks to replays of footage of Lady Di and Prince William growing up along with a replay of Kate M's childhood play where they depicted a "William" proposing to her and she said 'yes'... How very romantically coincidental. OMG I'm a victim of the Royal Wedding excitement and looks like my day's booked out. I'm sorry about Alex and his Hurricanes game. Looks like it's recording time for a replay later:)
The Abbey has Maple trees in it that they say in Victorian times depicts Humility and Modesty which they say were Kate's touch:) love it. Can't wait to see Kate M's dress and I wonder if they chose a British designer to make her dress. I would bet on Stella McCartney but then Vera Wang is the famed wedding dress from my limited fashion knowledge. I'm sure Kate M must have received offers from all the big guns for the big day. How exciting. OK off I go to see some more:)
3.44pm what an amazing wedding. So beautiful and the Duchess of Cambridge looked amazing and what a stunning dress befitting the occasion. What fun.


When Tau's nana visited recently she baked up a storm. I especially like the afghans she made and thought I should give it a try so I can make it whenever I wanted to. I looked it up on the internet and found the simple recipe for it and checked and had all the ingredients thanks to Tau's nana's baking spree. So I mixed and sifted with help from my 2 year old and popped them in the oven with a prayer. As I was putting the stuff away I moved the sugar to a jar with no label and was making a point to hubby that that was the caster sugar in case he came across it. And he said no that's brown sugar.. I looked in the bin to confirm and sure enough it was blimin brown sugar and the recipe had said CASTER sugar. Just when I thought I couldn't go wrong with such a simple recipe bahaha. hopeless much. Well 12 minutes later I took out afghan looking cookies and put the icing on them topped with walnuts and walaa. Well they must have been good because my darling number 1 fan and chocoholic was munching on them and wanted another. And number 2 fan gave some grunts of approval while eating them so yay to a succesful baking trial:)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt and a Birthday Party

I decided to be pro-active yesterday and took my son to an easter egg hunt that Busy_bee was having. A local play centre which was nice as this is a Muslim country and it's also run by two Omani ladies. We got there and Tauilagi was excited enough being at the play centre. One of the girls was doing face-painting of bunny faces which was cool and after a while Tauilagi decided he was ready to have his face painted. I waited that long for the Easter egg hunt to start but the same lady that painted faces was the one in charge of the hunt. After a lot of the mums asked about the hunt, she then made her way to with a bag of chocolate eggs and just hid them all around the room in plain view from everyone!! It was hilarious. Well needless to say the 7-8 year olds remembered exactly where she hid them so got the most eggs. So I just helped Tau along to find a couple and he was happy and so was I but was getting irritated with one 8 year old that every time I discovered one hiding place and was coaxing Tau to the area to 'find' them himself, this little s*&t would reach over and grab it under my nose with no excuse me. I had to hold myself back from slapping her hand for being rude and also for having no patience for younger kids! Anyway Tau didn't need the sugar high that would just keep me awake.
Today we went to a birthday party that Tau was invited to. The dad was hubby's colleague and friend. Well the birthday was HUGE. The theme was Woody from Toy Story. I tried to put a cowboy looking shirt on Tau as I had prepped him by saying he's going to dress like Woody. Well once he saw the clothes were not the same as Woody's. This birthday had outdone the others we've been to.colour he rightly refused. I only just managed to pin a 'sheriff' star on his shirt as we headed into the party and even that he threw a fuss over. Little monkey can't be forced into anything he doesn't agree with. So off we went in his 'island style' shorts and polo shirt. Well smart on his part he wasn't as hot as all the other cowboys and cowgirls that were in jeans and vests. They had a pony in their yard for the kids to ride on, a hot dog and pop corn stand. There was a trampoline and swing set that kept a lot of the kids occupied. There must have been about 30 kids of different ages at the party and about that many parents as well. It was a fun party for all and the pinata was awesome but only Tau and few had a turn before it broke. That part wasn't cool as there were many kids that hadn't had a turn and some were in tears for a bit before the goodies from the pinata made them forget about not hitting the pinata at all. All in all I say the party was a success and I had fun with friends as well.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter

It's Easter and it makes me miss home. I miss going with my family to church. I miss choosing to attend the Catholic church on Palm Sunday and then on Good Friday due to their dramatic services that really makes one's imagination of what it might have been like run wild. I miss the singing in our usual church. I miss seeing everyone walking to church in white or in the their Sunday best and back again collectively looking forward to the big toona'i on Sunday and asking each other what the main of the day was going to be. I miss visiting the old people of the family and having a laugh with them. I miss what once was my HOME.