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New Look

I thought I'd change the design. However the moment I hit change I regretted my decision ha ha! Typical! It sure looks refreshing though.
So we I've hardly used a camera much these days but totally rely on my phone for pictures. I feel sad about this because my second born's life are on a phone camera and not so much on a proper camera. So I feel I may regret this when it comes to printing pictures for their quality. However I plan to print and make a collage and have yet to even do that so hmmmm.
I find the system that downloads our pictures to the computer is so user unfriendly. I can't just copy pictures to the blog anymore hence I don't have many pictures on here. I can't even seem to save pictures to my usual albums scheme on hard drives. Utterly frustrating. I guess I should just get my stuff sorted and get it done.
Rant over...

Mid-June Travelling

School broke out on the 13th and my kids and I were on the flight headed for NZ on the 15th. 19 hours of flying and 12 hours layover later we landed in Auckland into the arms of my social media star sister and niece in the freezing winter. We drove past my other social media start sister's house to drop off said niece but alas she was not there with open arms so on to our base for the time being. We all went straight to bed, had a good night's sleep and woke up the next day to seize the day, ready to watch Samoa v ABs game that very evening.  I had planned to make the game to surprise my almost 9 year old for his birthday but he decided that he didn't want to come and sit for 90 minutes of rugby while his mum, aunties and uncles drink too much beer around him. We agreed that was a fair call so Mum, aunties and uncles game night it was. My sister was busy making pales tinged with blue for the Manu for us in the afternoon and our good friend Saki from Brisbane was at home e…