New Look

I thought I'd change the design. However the moment I hit change I regretted my decision ha ha! Typical! It sure looks refreshing though.
So we I've hardly used a camera much these days but totally rely on my phone for pictures. I feel sad about this because my second born's life are on a phone camera and not so much on a proper camera. So I feel I may regret this when it comes to printing pictures for their quality. However I plan to print and make a collage and have yet to even do that so hmmmm.
I find the system that downloads our pictures to the computer is so user unfriendly. I can't just copy pictures to the blog anymore hence I don't have many pictures on here. I can't even seem to save pictures to my usual albums scheme on hard drives. Utterly frustrating. I guess I should just get my stuff sorted and get it done.
Rant over...


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