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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We're leaving on a Jet Plane.

Tomorrow nite we head out to Seeb Airport and hop on Thai Airways to make our way to New Zealand. My brother-inlaw and niece will meet us at the airport. I can't wait to see them all. We finally got our flight tickets yesterday and have yet to get our hotel vouchers for our transit in Bangkok. I must say my patience has been worn thin time and time again lately in this country. I think it's really due time to get out for a bit before coming back. Everything takes AGES to get done. We have to remind agents or whoever over and over to do something before they get around to doing it. Never mind that time is ticking. When you try to tell them what the problem is they go around and round in circles until you feel like you're seeing stars. However to be fair I'm sure it's like this to some respect in many countries.
Last night as I was trying to complete one of my applications to NZ. I asked my friend in NZ to call the intended office in NZ to confirm something for me before I send through the application. The reply we got was something totally unrelated or the person just pulled an answer from the air just so to give and answer. Never mind that it was not correct NOR relevant to the subject at hand. Incompetence is something that really bugs me.
The traffic here has gotten worse and worse...the way people drive here is just beyond me. People DO NOT use their indicators. They seems to think they're just there for show and not to be used. It is just appalling. People just turn without indicating so you can just imagine how scary the round-abouts are where the indicators are king in providing the directions of other cars. I just DO NOT understand how people can just drive like so and think that it's ok. I beginning to believe that a lot of people do not really VALUE their LIVES and others'. The way they overtake other cars on two-way streets with on-coming traffic or just drive at break neck speed and then swerve around others like they're in a rally race! I will NEVER understand this mentality NOR will I try just to keep my own sanity.
This week we've been busy seeing friends to say see-ya-later before we head off. Yesterday we found some pisupos(corned beef) in our cupboards along with some canned luaus(taro leaves with coconut cream) and decided to have a big cook up with our friends of Samoan food.
I remembered a favourite dish that was always done at home on Sundays of a whole pumpkin cleaned out and stuffed with pisupo and onions and then baked in the umu(earthen oven). So Alex prepared it and baked it in the Weber bbq that we have. We also baked some luau with extra coconut cream. Our friends boiled some bananas and tapioca and Alex also roasted chicken with beer cans and fish...needless to say what a scrumptious meal we had yesterday. It was just yummy and I can't believe we didn't think of it earlier. Speaking of which the Weber bbq we have is one of the best buys we came across. It works like a umu when roasting or baking food in it.
It's now getting hot here. It was 37C degrees today. Quite hot but still nice in the shade of the trees! Sad to say but I'm looking forward to winter now as I think it's more bearable being pregnant than the heat.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Hmmm let me be a doting mommmy_to_be. I can sit and watch my tummy move all day due to baby's movements. The movements are more pronounced now and strong it's just amazing. I love feeling baby move knowing that baby's exercising and getting stronger. There are over two months to go now but it doesn't seem too long now. My tummy is quite huge now but I don't feel as stretched as I did two weeks ago. For some reason it feels like the skin is conditioning itself now for the further expansion it needs to go through in the next two months!!! I'm just amazed or shocked when I look in the mirror each day at how my tummy seems to grow overnight! Of course I'm using a couple of creams and lotions recommended by other mothers to help prevent or soothe stretch marks however according to the baby books it's all in the genes and something's got to give... ha ha!
Just last week I made a list of some last minute things I should get before the trip to NZ and then I thought why do I need all this stuff when my cousins, sisters, sister-inlaws never used all this stuff. So I stopped myself from going nuts and succumbing to commercialism by not buying all these things that I'll only use for a few days!
At the moment I'm reading: The Time Traveller's Wife. A good read indeed.
I'm eeked about: our tickets home not being finalised yet and we have a few days to go. Should get it all done by tomorrow when the agent calls.
I'm happy about: going home to see our families and eating local food.
I'm curious about: who actually reads this blog.
I wonder about: how I'll actually handle labour pains when that moment arrives. I'm preparing myself mentally and physically for those gruelling hours.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The countdown continues

In 10 days we'll be heading to New Zealand for a new beginning! We can't wait. It's getting warmer now in Oman and I guess we'll be greeted with the cold weather that's autumn/winter in NZ. I look forward to catching up with our family and friends there. It's been awhile and it's always nice to see familiar faces.
So I just got the call from our friends in Dubai that they've picked up the cot and changing table for baby which I am very happy about. So now we got that part sussed. I'm also very appreciative of the fact that our friends are storing the furniture for us until we figure out delivery to our place! It's wonderful to have reliable friends! Thanks guys for doing that.
Yesterday I had my appointment with the gynaecologist to check on my progress. She just listened to baby's heartbeat which we could all hear beating loud and clear. Baby's been so active it's just beautiful to know that all's okay and that baby's growing stronger. My tummy now is broadening and the bump has grown above my belly button. Exciting indeed. Everytime Alex puts his hand on my tummy baby kicks or moves which is just wonderful.
Today I went back to the hospital for my glucose test to rule out gestational diabetes. I should know by next week if all is ok. My sleeping patterns have been all over the show. I'm an insomniac at night it seems but I managed to get a good long nap this afternoon which I feel good about. I hope to get a good night's sleep tonight. These days I base my daily schedule around how I feel. Some mornings I'm up ready to go out and do things and others I just want to take it easy.
Otherwise all is well so far. Not looking forward to the long flight to NZ but it's a means to an end!
So I found this really comfortable maternity(nursin) bra at Bendon which was an Elle McPherson one and it's great. I have to hold off till NZ and buy a couple there when I know my new size. I don't want to buy something and then can't use it! Kind of scary sometimes when I find myself in the maternity section ha ha!
One lady in our yoga class had a healthy baby boy 3 weeks ago. I saw them yesterday and what a cutie. It's just wonderful to see what we'll have in a few months. Not long to go now!
Baby is moving around right now. lovely lovely. Good night I'm off to bed.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Politics in Samoa

Last year around September the Prime Minister of Samoa announced to the country that come July 2008 Samoa will be driving on the left side of the road and Right Hand Drive cars will be the car of choice. However because there are already left hand drive cars at the moment he went on to say that both cars can drive on the road but no more left hand drive cars will be allowed in the country. To clarify, at the moment Samoans drive on the side of the world like most of the world do but now the PM wants the country to switch to the side that few countries like the UK, NZ and Australia drive on. The reasons given were that NZ and Australia are close by and by allowing cars from there the Samoan villagers will then be able to get cars from their relatives who live in NZ and Australia! That's about all the explanation he gave to the people.
In December more than 12 thousand marched petitioning against the road switch and they had a presented a petition with more than 30,000 names against the switch. Just this week the committee that the government had assigned to look at the petitions have rejected the petitions as invalid. Moreover members of the PASS(People against Switching Sides) have sued the government this week for negligence and other reasons due to the proposed switch.
More and more villages are getting their people to sign their own petitions and handing it over to the government. This road switch is dividing the country but it is also seeing people stand up against the government. Every week a village announces their going against the switch proposed by the government.
So it seems that by the end of the year we will see lots of confused drivers on Samoan roads. Oh and when the left hand drive buses stop to let off kids, essentially the kids will be getting off on the middle of the road because the configuration of the bus is for the other side!!! So unnecessary deaths may be witnessed on the roads in Samoa!!!

27 Weeks and counting

So here I am 27 weeks pregnant. I had just gotten off a flight from Dubai in these pictures on March 8th, 2008

My nice comfy travel outfit.

Happy that we got baby's stroller from the shop. Yippee.

Dubai again

Came back from Abu Dhabi and Alex had to leave the next day for an overnight in India. As my friend Nets just arrived in Dubai and I'm leaving for NZ soon I thought I'd go to Dubai and spend the week-end with them. So off I went to Dubai to see Nets and Rich. Had a lovely relaxing time there. Went window shopping for baby furniture which were quite expensive. I was also checking online for used furniture that people were trying to sell in Dubai. We went to check out a wooden changing table at a lady nearby's house which was made of oak and really nice. She showed me the matching cot and said I can have both because her kids had grown too big for it and she'd rather someone else is using it. So I said I'd take it. Our darling friends are going to store the stuff for us for the time being.
On Friday afternoon we went to the Marina in search of the cupcake lady only to find the stalls were already packed away. So while Nets and Rich continued on their car search I went to the Macarto Mall to look at more baby furniture. Spent a lovely afternoon there relaxing, reading, eating and window shopping. Rich and Nets joined me later and we went to watch Welcome home Roscoe. It was an ok movie. Some really funny parts. The night before Nets and I saw 27 dresses which was ok but I thought the main girl was too much of a push over. Oh well...

Nets and I at the Marina with no cupcakes heh heh

Monday, March 10, 2008

Abu Dhabi

Last week we went up to Abu Dhabi to see friends Finian and Heather and son Ronan who have just moved there about seven months ago. We stayed for three days and had a fabulous time there. Heather is also pregnant due in 2 weeks now. It was nice for Alex to catch up with them since it's been awhile. We had a bbq and met their other friends that live in the same area and as we the pregnant women waddled on to bed the boys kept the lamps burning till 5 in the morning. Our friend Nick who works for Etihad also came which was awesome. Finian and Heather took us for a ride downtown Abu Dhabi. It was our first time and wow I was taken aback by the cosiness of the city. I thought it was quite nice. Most of the buildings were at a certain height which was about 15 floors and they lined both sides of the streets. For some reason it had a cosy effect to it as they were'nt too tall and far apart. I think some planning went into that city. We also drove through the palace hotel with it's majestic gardens. Abu Dhabi holds it's own against the other cities of the Middle East I thought.

Alex and Nick getting into it.

Right into it now. Left-Right: Tim, Finian, Alex and Nick

Self enjoying the drunks and their stories.

Alex, Nick and self with fake smile- that's because the stories were being repeated and I was getting bored lol. So I went to bed.