Hmmm let me be a doting mommmy_to_be. I can sit and watch my tummy move all day due to baby's movements. The movements are more pronounced now and strong it's just amazing. I love feeling baby move knowing that baby's exercising and getting stronger. There are over two months to go now but it doesn't seem too long now. My tummy is quite huge now but I don't feel as stretched as I did two weeks ago. For some reason it feels like the skin is conditioning itself now for the further expansion it needs to go through in the next two months!!! I'm just amazed or shocked when I look in the mirror each day at how my tummy seems to grow overnight! Of course I'm using a couple of creams and lotions recommended by other mothers to help prevent or soothe stretch marks however according to the baby books it's all in the genes and something's got to give... ha ha!
Just last week I made a list of some last minute things I should get before the trip to NZ and then I thought why do I need all this stuff when my cousins, sisters, sister-inlaws never used all this stuff. So I stopped myself from going nuts and succumbing to commercialism by not buying all these things that I'll only use for a few days!
At the moment I'm reading: The Time Traveller's Wife. A good read indeed.
I'm eeked about: our tickets home not being finalised yet and we have a few days to go. Should get it all done by tomorrow when the agent calls.
I'm happy about: going home to see our families and eating local food.
I'm curious about: who actually reads this blog.
I wonder about: how I'll actually handle labour pains when that moment arrives. I'm preparing myself mentally and physically for those gruelling hours.


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