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Leap Year

Today is February 29th and thought I should blog today to mark this leap year date. An interesting birthday for babies born today around the world. I'm now 1 day short of being six months pregnant and the my tummy is growing fast now. It's beginning to get to the stage where I can't believe it does grow bigger as I have three months to go so hmmm I'm going to be like a digger in a yard for sure at the end!! ha ha Oh well as long as my baby is getting stronger and healthier that's all I'm concerned about right now.
I'm reading Street Lawyer by John Grisham which isn't bad. There's a nice used book shop at Al Wadi Centre in Qurum called Prim Rose that have some good novels where I picked up my two recent books. Funny last night I dreamt of baby furniture. Needless to say I'm trying to decide on a baby cot and furniture for baby and when to buy them due to all the travelling.
Not long to go before we head to New Zealand. Looking forward to seeing fa…

Baby Shower Feb

Had a baby shower at Millie's house in MQ. It was really nice and lots of friends showed. Just relaxing drinking tea and ate heaps. Darling dearest Alex made lots of snacks for us which was awesome. Thanks to all the friends that came. Baby got lots of cute presents from everyone which was so sweet.
Lize and I

The ladies: Jackie, Nicole, Talei, Millie, Annette, front: self, Yai and Lize

Again but with Dani

Last picture with Lize before she flew to Melbourne, Aussie the next day for university.

Later at Beatrix's and Kofi's house:
Alex and Linus.

Gina & Millie

Beatrix, Kofi and friend enjoying the music.

Us... testing the strength of Alex's legs with the growing bump lol

Dubai Trip Feb 08

Caught up with Netia and family. Nets and Rich are settling in Dubai wonderfully-minus the hospital overnight lol

Me at five and a half months.

another angle...still big lol

Baby's new stroller on order!

Burj Dubai: The tallest building in the world at the moment in Dubai with the full moon next to it!!! They're still building.

24 weeks

I'm now 24 weeks pregnant and counting. I've had nothing to blog about really in the past few weeks. Last week we made it to church finally only that I had my near fainting spell as the service started so instead we went straight to the Doctor's who informed us that nothing is wrong just low sugar levels and not to get up too quickly when sitting!!! Also to try and put my legs up and not to do too much! Otherwise all is well, though I have to admit I'm not exercising enough. I started walking around the complex where we live and made it to the gym with hubby. I walked on the treadmill for half an hour and then did some stretches which was nice. Wish I did that every other day.
I've started ante natal yoga and last week was a class with partners so all the hubbies came. It was really interesting. The yoga teacher really hit home with the guys by informing them on labour and how to help us through it and not be offended when he's not needed or told off in the hea…

Cooking and me

Today I'm 5 months pregnant exactly. Four more months to go.

Well I really have a problem; I really dislike cooking.

Last week I surprised hubby when he woke up from napping after work, I had just about finished cooking dinner which he thought was impressive. I liked it too. The next day I managed to cook another meal which was basic but still I COOKED. After that I didn't want anything to do with the kitchen. I'm just not a big fan of cooking. I mean I'm well aware it must be done but I just can't be arsed going in there and try to throw a meal together! I read somewhere a very useful tip which I hope to use someday and it said that one should sit down and write down the menu for the week so that when you go shopping you can buy all the ingredients for those meals you've decided on. I thought that was brilliant because I'm not one to walk into the kitchen and a meal comes to me in the form of a premonition or whatever the heck it is people-who-can-cook get…