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I finally got hubby's iPad to hook up to the internet in KL in our hotel room and on to facebook I went, to see what was going on. The first odd news I saw were people telling my cousin to be strong. It was obvious something was very wrong judging by people's messages. My heart sank as I realized that her unborn baby had died. What an awful awful thing to happen. I cried for her, for them, for the sadness that they must be enveloped in. I could not fathom what she was going through and prayed for their peace of mind. Now she has written about her ordeal and how it happened and it's just heartbreaking. I just want to say to her that it is NOT your fault. It is nobody's fault. Ia maua e oe le mafanafana mai le Ali'i i nei taimi fita.

Samoa vs Wales 18th Sept 2011

I can't wait for the Samoa Wales game to get here. I'm sure all Samoans and Welsh alike are pining for this game. This Manu team in my expert opinion might be the best prepared to get through to the next level of the competition and on to the finish. Ia talosia ia. It's so funny how alot of my FB Samoan friends have the Manu fever. All the profile pictures are blue with something either the flag or a Manu shirt worn or whatever Manu Samoa affiliated, it's just crazy but beautiful patriotism right there.


And finally the Go The Manu video has been released to the supporters after according to the admins of the Go The Manu facebook page the Manu Samoa watched it a few hours ago before their first game against Namibia. All the best tomorrow Manu Samoa. Which brings me to the supporters, especially those so close to the rugby players. Watching some of the games this week just reveals once again how BRUTAL the sport of rugby is. One thing I have to say is that I do not envy the mothers, wives, kids, girlfriends/boyfriends and sisters of those players as they watch their men getting tackled and physically re-arranged on the rugby battle field. I saw one Italian who got tackled a few days ago and for a few seconds he did not move! And my heart went out to his family thinking omg his mum or wife must be on the edge of her seat then. On that note I wish the families and almost families of the rugby players peace/to'a in supporting their loved ones as they go onto the battle ground for th…

Telesa: The Covenant Keeper

My humble review of this amazing fantasy story by Lani Wendt-Young: A captivating read, a page turner. Lani Wendt-Young takes you on a ride following Leila’s journey to the small islands of Samoa from Washington DC to learn about her mother. What she discovers is beyond her expectations. The heroine’s experience is so real thanks to the author’s mastery with words that you are truly immersed in Leila’s supernatural world at times and her emotional quest to find her true self in the midst of her extraordinary findings. It couldn’t have been set in a more suitable place than that of the superstitious and exotic islands of Samoa. The amalgamation of the legendary Samoan myth into a modern day setting is nothing short of brilliance, a credit to the author’s true talent. Suitable for all ages. A must read. You can buy an online copy on smashwords or on amazon Try and buy it on amazon if you can to make this book the first Samoan written and based book to make the Amazon top 100. The har…


Oh the Rugby World Cup fever is so contagious right now it just speeds the heart beat every time. Can't wait for the game tomorrow morning Oman time 6.30am. Go Manu smash those Namibians and then on to the other three. O tou mama na, fai ia mafai. Attack Attack Attack... and don't forget the 3Ds Defend, Dominate AND Dackle Dackle Dackle choo hooo Here are some pictures that my lovely friends here in Muscat helped with in front of The Sultan's palace in Ruwi to show our support from this side of the world for the team for the Go The Manu facebook page. Join it to follow the Manu Samoa and the preparations in New Zealand. My prayer is for them to do amazing for their sakes. They seem so confident and with a purpose that I'm sure they do not want to let themselves down. But what a tough pool they have though but warriors they are and I believe in the current team. Nevermind our dodgy Rugby Union and their antics...that's for another day. GO MANU SAMOA. Do it for you …