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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Alo, alo lau foe...

OK no paddles involved but went on a boat yesterday in the 42 degree Oman heat! We made a plan to be at the marina at 8am...and the islanders we all were we finally launched at 9am so it wasn't to bad. This was to beat the scorching heat as it is still the height of summer in this gloriously sunny region! All our boat drivers...hubby and two mates are kind of first timers to driving/captaining a boat so were trying out the speed of the boat much to my dismay and wished from the back seat that I had darts to play find the bulls eye on the captain's back! The sea was a bit rough so the ride left a lot to be desired. Basically I was just worried that my two year old would bounce off the boat and none of us had life jackets and they were sitting in the back of the car! Responsible parents we are not, but I blame the heat because we forgot some life saving sh!t in the car! We didn't forget the coolers with the beers though haha. It's all about hydrating in the heat. We found a quiet spot in Bandar Khiran parked up and had a fabulous time swimming. The kids and I swam with the aid of boogie boards to the beach nearby and had a little play there before returning to the deep near the boat.

The fun thing about going out in a boat in my virginal boating experience, is that you can swim and float in the deep right near the boat. Now better yet if you have inflatable toys to help keep you afloat and it's the best way to get a tan(sunburnt). The sun reflects off the surface as well so there's no escaping the sun's rays. To avoid getting burnt one must apply sunscreen every hour..this requires getting out of the lovely water and scrounge around the now mess of things strewn all over the boat for the suncreen that has now been heated in the sun and reapply. So you sit for a few minutes on the boat sweating profusely while the said sunscreen drips off you then you decide to bugger it and jump back in the sea. It also helps to wear a hat to protect thy pretty face. That is awkward while swimming but it does the trick.

One day I will take a fishing rod to see if we can catch bait or just to keep the kids busy for all of 10 minutes but something fun to do while out there. Anyway so we came off the boat all a bit red but with constant application of aloe vera we're good as gold this morning! Aloe Vera is the magic treatment for sunburn so I make sure we have stocks of the stuff plus it grows well here so we have it in the garden too! Soifua ma ia manuia

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Back to School 2015

So my seven year old started back at school 3 days ago and it's already the weekend! We survived the first three days and he's been enjoying going back to school. Of course the first morning of school and he announces that he's too tired and may have to stay home, to which I replied he may not! We dropped him to his classroom and his new teacher took the time to engage with him to which he answered her questions nicely. When he went into the classroom, relief was all over his face when he saw his usual friends and off he went without a look back at his parents. Three days in and he's happy with his class.
My little one will start at a creche nearby at the end of the month so that will be good for him also. Today after we dropped off Master Seven, Master Twe and I went to the park and he played for about half an hour. I love the park as only the two of us were there and with the shade under the big trees it wasn't too hot. Later on I took him to the Children's Science Museum in town and he had a ball playing with everything he could reach and see them work. A few home mornings with my baby boy before he's off to creche. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Off on another adventure tomorrow.

Tomorrow we're off to Dubai for a couple of nights before we go on to see friends in Ireland and onwards from there. I can't wait to visit Ireland. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Wadi Shabb Hotel Stay

We drove down to Ras Al Hadd to see the turtles with our 6 and 1 year olds. We stopped at Wadi Shabb Hotel for the night. We enjoyed the hotel pool and had a swim on the spectacular pebble beach in front of the hotel. We took my SUP board so did a bit of paddling along the beach. It was really calm so it was a beautiful relaxing paddling session. There were a lot of fish and I saw a stingray which darted off as I came closer.
The downside was the plastic rubbish strewn everywhere which was just awful. There was plastic in the sea and along the beach. The rock face on the West of the hotel was just beautiful as the sun set. The hotel was empty that night so we ate alone and the food was delicious. All the staff par for one receptionist who was there in the morning were non-locals. The place lacked any personal touch and just felt bland though the rooms were clean and spacious and the food was yummy. 

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Happy International Women's Day

Manuia le aso e fa'atauaina ai tamaitai o le lalolagi.

Monday, February 09, 2015

The weekend

We start off our Fridays with our family tradition of Pancake Friday coined by Master 6. After the flavour of the pancakes wears off, the whinging begins wanting to go to his friends house for a playdate...well to his best friend's house who are more like family to us so he wants to visit our friends to play with his bestie. So awhile back I explained that Friday is also Family Friday(it's Sunday in other countries) as in it's for families to spend time together and with each other. Thank goodness for that he now understands that there are no playdates that day unless he's lucky and we happen to plan stuff together with the rest of the gang here. 
So the whinging for playdates is now pushed back to Saturday morning heh heh. I don't mind playdates and I encourage it as long as they're playing outside and with toys. Since the other parents have similar rules of no electronics during the week, our kids end up playing outside and all sorts of other games and it really minimises the screen watching. So weekends we fill with parks, the beach, riding scooters, bikes,,,yada yada. So while they're running wild, I sometimes go on my electronic device...hypocritical much? 
Shhh, when you hold a job and pay your own bills then you can use electronics however and whereever you please...choo hoo I sound like my mother. 

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Happy New Year It's February 2015 already!

Christmas and New Year
I am disappointed in how slack I've been with this blog. A recap. Had a lovely Christmas and New Year's in Auckland NZ with my family. We were very lucky with the weather. Apparently it's the best summer Auckland has seen in a long time so we were blessed for sure. It was sunny days to no end the whole four weeks we were there. We had a good ol' "Kiwi Christmas Holiday". My Mum was there and all my sisters bio and step with all our children and two brothers-in-law:-)
Missed the bio brothers and their families... and the family tree keeps growing.
It was great having all the kids in one place to the point where there were fights here and there as they got on each others nerves! eek.
While we adults also go on each others nerves but we plodded along with lots of deep breathes and lots of omms oh and the wines now and again helped too! Thought after one big before NY I could hardly stay up for the count down. Yep great greeting of the New Year...can't even handle it...okay I have a toddler who I had to get up with at 6am every morning so yep that's my excuse and am sticking to it.

Sama-Sama Hotel KLIA
Annnyway travelled back to Muscat with my two boys and just love the stop over in KL. The beds and pillows at Sama-Sama hotel are just one of those that feels like you are sleeping in the clouds. Am not sure if it's the jet lag that clouds (pun intended!) my judgement but I always sleep well on this little layover. Of course this is after wrestling with the boys to bath and eat and then darkening the room to simulate night time. Can't exactly fall asleep and leave the wee ones to heir own device! yikes. Also totally appreciate the WIFI included in the rooms so we manage to skype the family we just left and hubby to inform them we were halfway home. 
We wake up a few hours later and do it all over again but managing to have at least 4 hours sleep on that layover is a God-send for any parent travelling alone with little kids. Yes I count the blessings all the way.

Dubai-Oman (border crossing)
Here we are in February already. We went to Dubai last weekend for Tau's rugby tournament and it was just fab. We drove there...thanks' to Dubai's new border building...flash building but you still have to hop out of your car and line up while the drive through ports were for GCC citizens only! I would think GCC residents could go through there but no such luck. The Oman border partrol was far better, quick and friendly whereas the other side was stiff upper lip compared. It took us 7 hours to get to the hotel in Dubai in Silicon Oasis! Coming back was a lot better. The Dubai side coming back was smoother this time as no one had to line up, they used their flash new drive through cubicles for everyone. 

My son's team won 3 and tied 1 in the tournament. Sadly a cheating referee were witnessed at one of his games. Either that or he had bad eyesight and couldn't count how many times the other team was tagged. He allowed 10 tags at one point it was terrible. Thankfully my son's coach stopped the game and had words with the referee. I was so glad to see an underdog go against the established brotherhood up there! And once the coach did so the ref got his act together. I find it incredibly sad when these things happen at children's tournaments. We all teach our children to play fair but it crushes them when the face of fairness(the referee) is the one making the unfair calls. Luckily this time it was rectified and our children came off happy that all was okay in the end. But less can be said for the other team whose coach was obviously letting his kids get away with bad play. 
Good night