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Week 1 back home: Routine Police

We came back from our holiday and I went into responsible mum full throttle. As we were all jet lagged we were all in bed by 8pm which was a beautiful start. We arrived around 2pm and walked into an empty pantry, empty fridge(both) and decided to be pro-active I drove straight to the nearest grocery store and bought all the necessities from milk, bread, fruit, vegetables and the like. The following day I went off to the bigger supermarket to get the rest of the groceries. The good thing about this is then the transition home is smooth and well it felt like we never left and that my friends is how you settle back home after going away on holiday. An empty fridge always makes me want to hop back on the plane and back to where we came from with a full fridge plus the room service at the overnight hotel we stopped at! So it was a good start to the week. On top of that, on Saturday Master 5 had a playdate with his bestest friend so we went around to our friends for awhile before we…

ABA Cultural Food Fair

Back in Muscat after 5 weeks in Samoa and New Zealand. Had a nice enough time catching up with family. 
Yesterday ABA had a cultural food fair so made pani popo (sweet coconut buns) for the Samoa stall. We shared a stall with Australia, NZ and Fiji. There are lots of Aussies at the school so they came out full force with loads of food and Fiji and I had a little corner to sell kokoda(oka-lime cooked raw fish and kasava) and pagipopo for ours. I'm glad to say that I've aced the recipe off I divide it even further to make 24 buns instead of 12 so I do 2 doughs and end up with 48 buns which is great. It's the right size for people to buy at the fair to 'try' and not be filled by one whole Samoan sized bun. So of course for us we need 3 of those little ones heh heh. Anyway my son used most of tokens to go buy it from our stall! So I guess it's nice that he likes his mum's baking! Otherwise I had spring rolls and meat dumplings in Korea. My little …