Week 1 back home: Routine Police

We came back from our holiday and I went into responsible mum full throttle. As we were all jet lagged we were all in bed by 8pm which was a beautiful start. We arrived around 2pm and walked into an empty pantry, empty fridge(both) and decided to be pro-active I drove straight to the nearest grocery store and bought all the necessities from milk, bread, fruit, vegetables and the like. The following day I went off to the bigger supermarket to get the rest of the groceries. The good thing about this is then the transition home is smooth and well it felt like we never left and that my friends is how you settle back home after going away on holiday. An empty fridge always makes me want to hop back on the plane and back to where we came from with a full fridge plus the room service at the overnight hotel we stopped at! So it was a good start to the week. On top of that, on Saturday Master 5 had a playdate with his bestest friend so we went around to our friends for awhile before we came home to dinner, bath, bedtime story and bed. And that has been our routine since. On top of that I disallow any tv watching nor video games. No sweets during the week except the one day he had a playdate and they had rugby training in the afternoon so I thought a bit of sugar before the training was okay. So needless to say the teacher reports that Master 5 was at top form all week at school.
Step back
Over the weekend I came down with a sore throat and fever and baby's cold has gotten worse. So today when I finally woke up from lying in while hubby did the school drop off, I made appointments at our clinic and drove there. While sitting at a red light on the way, the school nurse calls that Master 5 was in her office and needed to be brought home as he was very unwell. So we detoured to the school on the way to the clinic. Good thing is both boys were seen to by the paediatrician and as both weren't happy I couldn't see my doctor. Thanks to a nice lady who tried to help me with my kids while I waited for the medicine at the pharmacy. No thanks to the paediatric nurse who saw me struggling with carrying my baby, pushing the stroller and propping up a crying 5 year old she just walked ahead of me to lead us struggling to the doctor's office. Compassion was on a break when we got there obviously. Not that I expect it but my 5 year old was so upset with a high fever at that point that he just wasn't cooperating. I figured I'd survive so we came home to a lovely chicken soup that hubby had just made after I called him from the clinic with the news of 2 sick boys. Our house has been like a hospital today but after lots of sleep I feel better. Off to gargle on salt and warm water before bed. Good night.


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