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Villa hunting

We're looking at moving to a villa(house in Oman). I went searching last month since we got back from Samoa. We finally found a really nice one that met what we wanted and within our budget. It was up to our company and the agent then to write up the appropriate documents and all and then we get to move in. Well we were happy and awaiting move in dates however we also realise that in this country nothing is straight forward. Sure enough we followed up this week and the agent was being elusive. We finally managed to get a hold of him to be told that the landlord changed his mind and that he wanted to rent all his villas to one company. Naturally we were very unhappy because he could have just called our company back and told them that but instead he wasted our time and lead us on. Anyway we're back to square one looking for a villa again. Our lease is up at the end of the month and so we have two weeks to look for a villa we like:) So here we go again and praying that we find o…