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2008 ends

And here we are at the end of another year. This year we welcomed our little gift from God into our family our son Tauilagi. He's now over six months old and growing. He's first tooth is just coming through. I can see it but it's yet to break through. We're weaning him onto the bottle now. He's been on solids for almost 2 months now and meal times are fun at the moment.
Hubby's folks, niece and nephew are here from New Zealand so we're having a lovely time having them here. Tau is spending a lot of time with his nana and I welcome the freedom at the moment. OK I must admit I'm enjoying it a tad too much but the grandparents are also enjoying the time with their grandchild whom they don't see too much of.
We had a lovely Christmas with our friends here. Christmas was a bit too quiet for my liking. Next time I will be better prepared and have much more of a hoo hah than what we had this time. Nevertheless it was okay.
After Christmas we drove to Sur wi…


The one other Samoan family are leaving Oman. I got the sad/exciting for them news two weeks ago when I spoke to our friend and she said that her husband got a job in South Africa and they are leaving early January. What a shock! Well I've very happy for them as they look forward to another place and better prospects but I'm sad that we're losing friends. I know it's bound to happen but it's still sad when it happens. I wish Gina and Linus all the best on their new venture.
Last night another friend of Gina's threw a farewell party for them and what fun it was. The food was yummy and I ate to my heart's(not my hips) content. Great conversation with a range of people and really enjoyed it.