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Happy Birthday Alex & Isaac

I'd like to wish my twin nephews Alex and Isaac in California a very Happy Birthday and Many Many More to come in the future. Thinking of you guys always. Lots of love from your Samoan family in Oman.
It's my nephews birthday and wish we were all together to celebrate. I've met my darling nephews once when they were like two years old. They were soooo cute and now they're handsome young men. I always wished they could go to Samoa to visit our family but the circumstances don't allow it at the moment. I'm sure when they come of age they will be able to:) Isaac and Alex if you're reading this, we wish you both all the best and reach for the stars. Nothing is unreachable if you put your mind to it. Thinking of you always and lots of love from your Samoan family all over the globe. xxx

New look & Eid Mubarak

Somebody help me change the look of page already. It's so ancient it's depressing. I mean it was nice for awhile but now I think it's time to move on. Until I make time to discover how to widen it and add another background it will stay this way for now. I will have to beg another blogger out there to help me out here.

It's Eid again here in Oman and wow everyone is in relaxing mode. So if one didn't get pressing office related work done then hold your horses until after Eid. Oman is having a whole week off for Eid which is great for a lot of people. I just love it because the roads are empty and one can drive with ease rather than the usual highly stressful maneuvers one has to dodge or do to avoid getting bumped!
Which reminds me...
when I first got back to Oman in September and I was driving along the desert road towards the other side of town; I was hit with this nostalgic feeling of being back. And I thought how nice it is to be back as I sped along the dese…

boo hoo

So I took Tau to play group at my friend's whose nanny takes charge of Tau and her son for about an hour and a half this morning. I went to the hypermarket to buy some groceries and stock up for our visitors N & R coming from Dubai. Luckily I had doubts that they would make it so didn't buy too much and thought I'd do another trip when they get here. Poor R had just returned from a business trip and thought it far fetched that they would be able to get away.
N was determined and was positive they would make it. Poor N poor me, we were so looking forward to this week-end.
Unfortunately I got the call at around 3.30pm when I got back from the gym that they couldn't make it:(
I had to put the bed and things away before Tau extended his playground on to the fresh sheets.
I went to the gym at 2.30 as today was my last day and the instructor from the other gym was doing the session. I was the only one there today so I had a one on one with the super instructor who was ab…

Ia ua lelei

We got up eeeaaaarrrly this morning, more like sonny_boy woke up at 6.23am(I looked at the clock) as he does every morning came into my room and woke me up. Normally I pull him on the bed and he rolls around and plays on the bed while I squeeze in another short snooze but lately Mr. Bossy hits my arm and pulls my hair and makes funny sounds and pointing to the kitchen. He also tries to say susu(milk) in the process. So not unlike a dragon I rise up with steam coming out of my nostrils, hair all over and puffy eyes(not going to bed early enough) I proceed to stomp to the kitchen as I'm still half asleep and it's too much effort to lift my legs, I realize sonny dearest is screaming from the bed for me to bring him along. Sometimes I run as fast as my little legs can take me to the kitchen to fix his bottle but others I give in and pick him up and bring him to the kitchen where he waits impatiently and watches me like a hawk as I prepare his milk. When I try to take him back to m…

Life as I know it

Okay so I was a bit too excited last week about the Samoan in town. I went along to meet Mr Samoa guy's wife and ummm don't know if it was me but there was no enthusiasm there. Ok the guy is from NZ and half Samoan moved to the UK and married a lady there. So the lady pretty much summed him by saying he just happens to be Samoan. That's okay I know a lot of Samoans/palagi with identity issues ha! Anyway not fair I haven't met the Samoan dude. I met the gate keeper instead who prefers to keep things the way they are it seemed. choo hooo. Need I say more it was not a warm meeting and we didn't exchange numbers and I didn't even feel like asking for her numbers as we were just NOT gelling(is that a word). So bye to any prospective Samoan toonai soon lol. My other friend checked out the other supposed Samoan that worked with her husband and it turned out that they're from Papua New Guinea! I still asked for their numbers so they can join our Pacific Island comm…

Samoan alert in Oman!!!

Two weeks ago I decided to be gung-ho and go out there and meet more people to make life more interesting. I met up with Molly again at play group and both were interested in beach walks so we went for our first walk on the beach two weeks ago and when I got there there was another woman with her baby in tow ready for the walk. So there were three of us with our little ones in tow all ready to face the sun rise on the lovely Shatti beach. So off we went. Nice quick steps and quicker with the chin as we chatted away. So the lady I'd just met asked my nationality and I said Samoan. We talked about NZ and she mentioned that she lived there for three years and her husband was from there. She asked if there were other Samoans here and I said not that I knew off. The only other one I knew left earlier in the year. Anyway as we kept walking and they mentioned a mutual friend of theirs and then Jane exclaimed that she's married to a Samoan!!! Imagine my excitement to discover that the…

Life in Muscat

I've been scouring the papers looking for a good priced villa for us to move to. We currently live in a two bedroom apartment complex which is really nice but feel we need more room for our little son to run around in. I've found one within our budget and am happy with it. It's now a waiting game to see how long it takes for our sponsor company to sort it out and if the landlord is happy with our offer. I'll just hope for the best.

Spa break
Last week-end hubby dearest booked us in a spa resort out of town for the night. It was such a lovely break from town. Beautiful green gardens and grounds. The hotel was spread out and used bikes and carts for people to get around on. It was very nice. I got a deep tissue massage which was so good I didn't want it to end! The pool was big and one side was very shallow that my son enjoyed immensely and it was easy to enjoy as he did his thing and we were just nearby to make sure he was safe. Later we went and played pool at…