boo hoo

So I took Tau to play group at my friend's whose nanny takes charge of Tau and her son for about an hour and a half this morning. I went to the hypermarket to buy some groceries and stock up for our visitors N & R coming from Dubai. Luckily I had doubts that they would make it so didn't buy too much and thought I'd do another trip when they get here. Poor R had just returned from a business trip and thought it far fetched that they would be able to get away.
N was determined and was positive they would make it. Poor N poor me, we were so looking forward to this week-end.
Unfortunately I got the call at around 3.30pm when I got back from the gym that they couldn't make it:(
I had to put the bed and things away before Tau extended his playground on to the fresh sheets.
I went to the gym at 2.30 as today was my last day and the instructor from the other gym was doing the session. I was the only one there today so I had a one on one with the super instructor who was about the size of one of my legs. Well hullo it was hard core. She really worked me to the ground and it was fantastic. During pilates she actually came next to me to correct my poses and hullo the others never did that. I always wondered if I was doing the correct moves and it was good to have this lady show me exactly what to do. Let's say at the end of the hour I was well worked out! Ha! Just when I thought it was getting easy. Tomorrow I go back for my end of the month measurements. I'm not holding my breathe as I was eating like a 300 lb man before I tried to eat properly. I feel fitter and feel a lot better which is the up side!
Which brings me to cooking...
I get into it and try to cook healthy food and then I get sick of it all and just eat what I can be bothered to prepare. Whoever said cooking is fun needs to have their head checked. I am trying to learn more meals by cooking for my son but I dread the day when he becomes a fussy eater and he realizes mummy just throws whatever together to make him a MEAL. I feed him a lot of veges. My theory is kids go off veges if they think it tastes funny which means they weren't eating it for a bit. For example macaroni and cheese meal has no veges in it, spaghetti bolognese is pasta and meat ok it's tomato based but still there are no visible veges in it. So if my son eats these sort of meals for a few days and I try to serve veges he'd obviously go off them as it would then be strange! These are the thoughts of a first time mother so don't hold me to it!
Hubby_dearest is in Dubai for a week for work and it's sonny_boy and I until Saturday. We're off to NZ in two weeks and I can't wait. It's my mother-in-law's 60th and we're flying over for her birthday and have Christmas in Wellington. We're looking forward to it. My sister and family will be there which will be great. And I'm hoping that my mom can come over for Christmas too. Am I asking too much? maybe but well life is all about dreaming and making those dreams a reality. On that note I better get bid adieu, play a few moves on scrabble and head off to bed. I plan to buy Tau a tricycle tomorrow as he jumps on one when-ever he sees it.
On the villa side, we just have to find someone to move into our current apartment and we're home free...okay not really free we still have to pay rent ..


That Keo Nets said…
we're so so sorry babes :( if it's any consolation, it was a shite Eid xx

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