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Road Trip in the Middle East

After my horse riding lesson last week I came home and quickly packed all our stuff for our trip to Dubai by car. Hubby worked and needed to sleep that afternoon. After I got everything together minus the kitchen sink I also needed to sleep after my early rise and since baby was knocked out I also joined the slumber party. Well when I woke up, it was almost 3pm so woke up hubby and we quickly packed the car and off we went by 4.30pm. We drove towards the Omani-UAE border and we were there by about 8pm.
The Oman side of the border is really nice and well organised. They have this huge building that you drive through but if you want you can park your car and go inside to use the toilets, order a pizza or have a cup of coffee and buy some necessities in the little shop there. This time around it didn't take long to get our passports stamped as I think they now have the Samoan passport in the system. I saw one guy add it to his poster for future reference. We always have problems with…

And the horse go giddi-up

We've been really busy in the past week. Last week on Wednesday I rode a horse properly for the first time in my life. The only time I can remember ever riding a horse was back in the village when I was very little. As the road to the plantations ran along our land we always witnessed the villagers going up to their plantations and sometimes on their horses. So one day I waited on the road and asked one passerby if I could ride on his horse. The only saddle on that thing was an old brown cloth sack for coconuts. I must have been 9 or 10. Anyway that's the only memory I have of riding a horse until last week.
My friend Nicole who is the closest thing to an animal whisperer I know, had found out about the horse riding classes in Qurum and asked me to come along.
"It would be fun," she said. Her enthusiasm was contagious and the next thing I knew, I was up at 6.30am on a Wednesday morning with my son in tow (to stay with Nicole's sitter) while we go off to ride the …

October update

My hubby had his birthday two days ago. I had ordered little gadgets from the UK of little choppers that one can fly around in the lounge. Wow these things are amazing. They actually do fly lol. And they're small so they don't cause any damage to anything. Needless to say hubby enjoys his little toys and I'm glad. Tau will be four months soon and he's growing fast. He's a big boy. Tall and lean. He can hold up his head on his own for a long while now but now he tries to sit up on his own. When we have him leaning against us he pushes his head foward trying to sit up. He's very strong. He's rolled over a couple of time from tummy to back and vice versa. He likes to suck on a little soft sheep toy. He likes to suck his fingers too a lot. He smiles a lot and laughs too when we manage to get him started. I play with him and sometime he just wants to be on his own so I put him in his cot and turn on his fancy mobile that keeps him entertained for hours. He loves…