October update

My hubby had his birthday two days ago. I had ordered little gadgets from the UK of little choppers that one can fly around in the lounge. Wow these things are amazing. They actually do fly lol. And they're small so they don't cause any damage to anything. Needless to say hubby enjoys his little toys and I'm glad. Tau will be four months soon and he's growing fast. He's a big boy. Tall and lean. He can hold up his head on his own for a long while now but now he tries to sit up on his own. When we have him leaning against us he pushes his head foward trying to sit up. He's very strong. He's rolled over a couple of time from tummy to back and vice versa. He likes to suck on a little soft sheep toy. He likes to suck his fingers too a lot. He smiles a lot and laughs too when we manage to get him started. I play with him and sometime he just wants to be on his own so I put him in his cot and turn on his fancy mobile that keeps him entertained for hours. He loves the outdoors so I take him for walks in the late afternoons when it's not too warm and we also go to our friends' garden to hang out. He's eating well and loves to socialize. When we go to our friends for dinner he won't sleep he'll stay up to hang out with the adults. Better go he needs some attention.


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