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Monday, March 31, 2014

Mrs Fix-It

The washing machine wouldn't complete a cycle which reminded me I hadn't cleaned out the drain in ages. So I did the usual cleaning of the drain and filter and of course it was full of sand, dirt, hair, coins, hair pins and a screw! I cleaned the barrel and the rubber lining and was shocked at how filthy it was. Totally disgusting. I remember trying to clean it before and was so put off that I thought surely it was time for a new machine. Then I remembered lovely Google! I googled how to clean it and wha laa, I found detailed instructions and even videos on how to maintain a washing machine and all sorts of models too! I found one using home goods like chlorox, and vinegar and I went to town with it all. After doing the 4 cycles just to clean and remove the smelly odour from the machine it was done. Then we concluded that we needed the service guys. After many calls around Muscat we got through to the right people. After the week-end the guys arrived and found the motor was broken and just replaced it for a price. It was way cheaper than buying a whole new machine so thank goodness to this service.
As I was on a fix it mode, I got out the right screw drivers and went to town with this nice looking wooden Salt grinder we had for years which we thought was broken not long after we used it. The pepper grinder still works fine but it always bothered me that the darn thing was expensive and for it to break so soon! Miser and I know haha. I took it apart washed it with warm soapy water with the hope that I wasn't screwing up a mechanism in the grinder. Then I remember google and sure enough I was on the right track. Happy I was that after all that time the grinder just needed a good clean and the right sea salt that doesn't have too much moisture in it that forms clumps and blocks the mechanism from grinding. At this rate I may not need a husband soon! heh heh.
I also managed to get the curtain people in from Al Khuwair and today they showed up and fixed our spanking new beautiful black out curtain for our bedroom. I'm so proud of it. The hubby had complained of the last curtain as it resembled those in hotels that he didn't like one bit. I chose the darn thing without realizing that I could choose any colour and they add the black out fabric to it. I guess the curtain people were urging me towards a sale too. Anyway goodbye boring curtain hello vivacious curtain. I just love how it goes with our four poster bed. Woo hoo a successful start to the week for this housewife. There are many curtain shops in Muscat and all over the place. I worked with others before but I liked these guys as they were friendly and listened to what I wanted. The last people from Ghubrah I worked with weren't very friendly and well their curtain opening mechanism didn't last long. So later to them.
The villa maintenance people just called that the painter will come in two days time to sand our bedroom wall and repaint due to leaking in the walls that have now enabled flora and fauna(ugh) aka green and white mold to appear on the wall.
Now onto painting my sons' black board on the spare room wall so they can write with chalk and draw what they like. Baby is now into drawing I'd rather he uses chalk than the white board markers on the white walls! And that's my exciting week thus far.
This week I recommend Sarco maintenance people for Samsung home appliances, in Al Khuwair the curtain shop Nasser Sulaiman Salim Al`Kindi Trading and my services to fix your salt grinders!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Pepe Boy learns to walk and general mummy babbling.

Our little cutie is eleven months and has started walking. It's such a beautiful stage to observe. He's a determined little guy but once he was confident with standing it took off from there. One little step a day for three days lead to 3 steps to nine steps. The past three days he's been getting up all on his own from crawling and just walking up to 20 steps now. So so cute and such a joy to see.
At his playgroups there are babies his age and older that can't pull themselves up yet. The moms look concerned for their own when they see my pepe boy doing his thing but all babies are different, some develop faster in certain areas than others. I do play a lot with my baby on the floor and do activities that strengthen his little body. We celebrate his little feats and maybe that helps him develop as he does. For example I've always liked to play throw and catch soft balls with my babies and that's one game they learned early and fast and enjoy a lot. And when I help baby catch the ball we clap and praise him for doing so to which he looks proud and smiles and claps. And no I don't push them to do things too early neither. I like them to do it at their own pace.

It brings me to Master 5's reading efforts. I'm quite relaxed and think he has plenty of time next year in grade 1 to learn to read until we had a reading 'talk' at school last month and I realised I really needed to be proactive to help my son with his reading. We always read together(us parents reading him stories) but I don't push him to actually read so now I'm really helping him with phonics to connect the letters, their sounds to make the words. I started over a week ago and within a few days he read me back a short sentence from a new book we were reading. Amazing how being proactive, patient and just giving your child time can really help with their progress. I've also had to talk him into allowing me to help him with his reading and not reject saying he already did it at school. He loves it when he manages to decipher the sentences about him I leave on his white board and I let him see me do the victory dance when I hear him read it out loud. Our healthier routine has really helped also with his enjoyment at school and being well-rested. However my poor big bubs is sick again for the last few days. I had to take him to the doctor today and once he had the prescribed medicine and more rest he was much better a few hours later. We have tickets to the opera house to watch Chi of Shaolin tomorrow so we'll see how he feels in the morning if I should take him or not. Good night.

No Swim

So after all that excitement and some swimming to prepare for the challenge our friend who was supposed to register our group of three went a few days later with the form and was told registration was closed. The spots were filled within 24 hours. There goes that challenge. We were all disappointed that we missed out. They don't do waiting lists either. Oh well there's always next year!

Monday, March 03, 2014

A Challenge: 4K Swim

I'm writing this down so I don't back out. There is a 4 km swim from an island off Muscat called Fahal island to PDO beach in May and well I've decided to take up the challenge and do it. I've never done this before and would love to do it. I wanted to run an half`marathon and then was told that it's not good to do so within 12 months post-op so later to that for now. So swimming it is. This is where I'm at. Started yoga again after eating my way through the holiday and trying to get back into a fitness routine. So I have to make time to train for the swim. And I have about 6 weeks to go. I have three friends that are also keen to take up the challenge and two of these friends have been training and are doing well. Needless to say I've yet to start training...positivity I can do this. Contact PDO if you're willing to do the swim in May, 2014.
Fahal swim here I come.