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Tauilagi James


Tauilagi James arrives with a bang

Managed a smile in between contractions. My beautiful family trying to make light of the situation. Day four.

At long last

"This is not Guatemala now Dr Ropata."lol Alex was told to don the scrubs for the operation but looking at these photos later I couldn't help but laugh at how he also donned a supervising Doc's attitude with the way he stood their with hands behind his back in the recovery room. hilarious nice going Dr. Ropata.

Proud daddy dresses our son for the first time. Note the words on the beanie lol

The short of it. I went into labour in the early hours of Saturday June 14th which happened to be an All Blacks test day. Adidas have an ad that if a baby is born on an AB test day they get an AB jersey not that I gave a hoot but hubby and Uncle Gui were counting downt the hours as the 14th came to a close. Thanks very much Tau decided not to entertain daddy's wishes lol. Saturday afternoon we went to the clinic hoping to have a baby by the late afternoon well…