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Pagipopo Carnival and Farewells

My son's school is celebrating their 25th year anniversary tomorrow Carnival style. There will be food stalls from about 80 countries represented in the school! Pretty diverse if you ask me. So this lone Samoan decided to do pagipopo for our stall. We're sharing a stall with Australia, NZ, Fiji so it should be good. My Fijian friends are doing the kokoda (oka) and smoked octopus! So for the past two days I've stayed home and kneaded dough like there was no tomorrow. Auoia.  I owe this confidence to Mrs. Pagipopo but I shouldn't speak too soon until they're all sold at the fair tomorrow! All proceeds go to a charity the school chooses. It's going to be an hectic day tomorrow so this momma better head to bed to have energy for tomorrow:)
Last week other friends and us two organised a farewell party for a good friend who is retiring from flying and from Oman Air. We had a Black & Gold theme amongst us in the know but pretty much an open invitation to their colle…

Valentines Day Special

We don't do Valentine's, or should I say the hubby doesn't do Valentine's, so I don't really expect anything on this day and as hard as I try, there's a niggling feeling of disappointment when the day comes and goes and no flowers arrive! Yeah ok I'm a bit spoiled like that...or very womanly like that! As I was recovering from the bug I've been suffering from my sleep patterns have been all over the place. So the night before I suffered from broken sleep and was sleeping like a log at 4 am onwards. I was awoken from deep slumber when hubby pulled open the bedroom curtains with a sing song 'Happy Valentine's" echoing in the room and there in front of me was a tray filled with breakfast, eggs on toast, bacon and pancakes with a cup of tea. My irritation from being woken up quickly turned to pure happiness that he did that. I was soooo happy, teenage happy, what an awesome start to the day and that from all our years together hubby did this to…

Samoans in Vegas

Woke up from my slumber in time to see Samoa kick butt at the Vegas 7s. Yippee. They edged out Fiji 12 Samoa 14 in the semi final. Samoa is up against NZ for the final. I'm still up so I guess I'll wait to find out what happens. All the best to the boys in blue.
And fast forward to today, I woke up to Samoa beating NZ in the final NZ 19 Samoa 26. Uale Mai and Alafoti Fa'aosiliva have still got it. Beautiful tries by Fa'aosiliva alright. Just amazing and nice to see their drive once more. Here's to hoping that spark remains for Hong Kong to get the extra points. Choo hooo.


So I'm still unwell. I don't know what the f*** is going on but the meds I got from the doctor last week didn't do the job and I had done everything the doctor ordered. So I'm back to paracetamol until my next appointment with the doctor tomorrow morning to figure this bug out. But I'm learning online and from my personal almost doctor special person what might be wrong so I'm getting lots of rest, lots of fluids and back to basics use vicks on my chest. lol Got to love good ol' vicks. That is a Samoan mom's answer to everything or at least my mom and grandma, if not Samoan oil, it's vicks, then on to lau gogu(gogu leaves), and lauti(tea leaves) and so on and so forth. Which brings me back to our upbringing.
Growing up in Savai'i my family were a family of healers, our grandma, great aunties, and some uncles were traditional healers of sorts. So when my sisters and I were old enough...9+ we each were specialized in something. We were all healers …

Ma'ima'ia & the week-end

OK I'm so over being sick now. I've been sick on and off for a month now. Last week I went to the doctor and he prescribed more antibiotics when I was just on another course from Samoa. And because I'm a doctor in my head I decided it was all a scam and didn't get the antibiotics but only the cough medicine and paracetamol! Like I didn't have enough of that at home. I was ok by the week-end when it was time to pick up our guests and take 'em out to dinner clubbing  that night. The next day was the usual recovery day and by evening all was well with the world.
It's really cold here at the moment and I think this is where the problem lies. I tend to catch a cold fast when I get chilled...*gasps dramatically* reminds me of those characters in Jane Eyre books who 'catch their death' outside. Well I think the sooner I realise I'm a real life 'sensitive lady' the lesser I get sick. So since yesterday I'm dressing like I live in Italy. Jeans…