Valentines Day Special

We don't do Valentine's, or should I say the hubby doesn't do Valentine's, so I don't really expect anything on this day and as hard as I try, there's a niggling feeling of disappointment when the day comes and goes and no flowers arrive! Yeah ok I'm a bit spoiled like that...or very womanly like that! As I was recovering from the bug I've been suffering from my sleep patterns have been all over the place. So the night before I suffered from broken sleep and was sleeping like a log at 4 am onwards. I was awoken from deep slumber when hubby pulled open the bedroom curtains with a sing song 'Happy Valentine's" echoing in the room and there in front of me was a tray filled with breakfast, eggs on toast, bacon and pancakes with a cup of tea. My irritation from being woken up quickly turned to pure happiness that he did that. I was soooo happy, teenage happy, what an awesome start to the day and that from all our years together hubby did this today:) 
He left 2 hours later for an overnight overseas. 
Today I got a text from him before he headed back home telling me his arrival time which was unusual as I knew that already. But another text followed about what was I making for dinner? No pressure. I usually make something easy when it's just me for dinner and now that he's asking I thought crikey I have to 'make' dinner! My son had a sleepover at his friends so I hung out there until about 7pm rushed home stopped at groceries and came home and whipped up a quick meal of roasted red sauce chicken, stir fried string beans and onions, and potato gratin which my Frenchie friend had just told me how to make easily. The hubby arrived home and could not believe the dinner. Funniest thing was he kept saying it again and again what a nice dinner it was!!!  As he did the dishes I took out the icecream and cut up the mango to go with it...then he said "So what are you going to ask me for?"  Choo hooo just goes to show how rare I make nice meals that he couldn't believe his luck and then wondered what was going to follow. Hmmm I did like those diamond earrings at Damas....


Betty said…
smoooooth operator darls ;) love it. Well Done Brit, you the bomb husband!

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