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Change of Plans

I wrote a whole blog about staying put this Christmas and celebrating it at home the way we like it only for all that to be turned upside down, inside out when hubby's roster came out and he's working on Christmas and New Year! So off we go to Samoa to celebrate with my Mama or Granma to Tauilagi while poor hubby stays back to work throughout the "holiday season." Tomorrow my son and I start our journey via Bangkok, on to Auckland, Hamilton to see the whanau and then continue onto Samoa. I'm looking forward to the week-end in H-Town as self and my three sisters will all be together once more if only for a little while. Tau's doting Nana and Papa are coming up from Wellington to spend a few days with the little rascal so it's going to be one heck of a week-end. 
Monday self, my son and Lagipoiva are catching the same flight to Samunda and boy I've now worked myself up to much excitement about Christmas back home. I'm looking forward to seeing my mum…