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Dublin, Ireland 2015

Since I called this blog our travels I better mention where we went this past summer. In the end we decided to visit friends in Dublin and to see the Republic of Ireland and what a good decision that was. Our friends hooked us up with and what an awesome heads up that was. We got an apartment in the center of Dublin which was walking distance to a lot of fun things. We did the Viking tour which was on a bus that later went on water. We were given Viking helmets and were asked to do a lot of roaring all around town. The kids are supposed to love it but our kid wasn't that excited about it! But I enjoyed it and the other kids on the bus seemed to enjoy it. Nevertheless it was a fun way to see Dublin. We found beautiful parks with playgrounds for the kids to play. We managed to do a few historical sites then catch up with our friends we went to see. Its an awesome walking city, you see a lot within a walking distance and places to eat everywhere. In the ma…

Summer 2016

How time has flown by. It's almost mid year once more, when I've just wrapped my head around the digits 2016! We had a long winter but last week the heat hit hard. It was into the late 30s last week and well, I forget how hot it gets here. We've been very lucky having nice weather with rain fall here and there. The new worry is that there may be some cyclones as the weather is warm and sticky...depression build up kind of weather.