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Samoa vs Italy Ciao Bello

Oh my, our Manu Samoa are on a roll. Last  week they beat Scotland and today they beat Italy 39-10! It was an even game in the beginning though Samoa lead in the first half but by the second half Samoa went on to score 4 more tries! Manu Samoa played so professionally I was so proud. So they played some minor SA team 2 weeks ago and lost but I put that down to the fact that the boys had just come together before the game! So by the Scotland game they had ample time to train with one another and get to know each other. The real test would be next week against a tier one team: South Africa. Here's to the Samoan boys play a fantastic match next week.


When I think of blogging at the moment, all that comes to mind are my kids! It's so weird saying 'my kids', I guess it's due to having had one child for almost five years before our second pepe boy entered the world! Speaking of pepe boy now he's back to his normal sleeping pattern. It takes me an hour to put him to bed now rather than 4 hours a few days ago! And then he sleeps for almost 8 hours! I love it.
However yesterday my 4 year old woke up with a fever. We gave him panadol and then he was himself again after 30 minutes. By the afternoon he had high fever again and off we went to see a doctor. Today our lounge is Tau's hospital room and he's still not well. Last night he was feeling sorry for himself. Sobbing he said he didn't like being sick and he's sorry that he couldn't cuddle and hold his baby brother nor 'help' me do things for him. He was so sweet it nearly broke my heart. Here's a four year old who's very sick and a…

Kindy Graduation

A lot of our friends have come down with the cold and so we too caught it. It's going around and well it's very hard to dodge it. Since my throat felt scratchy I quickly took the usual remedies to kill it before it got worse. I just didn't want my poor newborn pepe to get it too. Unfortunately 2 nights ago he felt a bit warm and so early the next morning we took him to the doctor. We got some medicine just to help him get rid of the viral infection he had. Luckily by today he's not too warm. Tonight however he is having trouble sleeping and well this happened a couple of times before and I must admit it freaks me out thinking... is this the start of a bad stretch! The life of a parent I guess. It doesn't help that one of my friends carries on about how her 'good' baby became colicky at 3 months! Thank you for the positivity...hag. Anyway here's to hoping my pepeboy feels better tomorrow.

My big boy had his end of year concert at his Montessori kindergart…

Post-Baby 2

Obviously the new baby has kept me blissfully busy that I haven't blogged since baby's birth! But here I am again. Baby's now sleeping up to 7 hours at night and I love it and now I'm pushing my luck for I am still awake at 11pm when I should be snoozing to get enough beauty sleep. Which brings me to that vain I am yes who isn't? right? Har!
So baby's now 7 weeks and my uterus has just about shrunk back to it's pre-baby size according to the doctor and yes the tummy is still flabby but well that too will shrink(I pray:p) When my 4 year old sees my tummy he asks, mummy when will your belly button be like mine again? So unfortunately he's my judge now and well until he decides mine is like his then I guess it's all good...haha  Yes it's nice to finally be back to normal again...well almost I can't do strenuous exercise until much later according to my doctor. So until then I will try and start little and eat well...(ins…