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Monday, August 22, 2011

Liebe From Österreich

Lake Mondsee
Tauilagi climbs every mountain...

Friday, August 19, 2011

From Mondsee with love:)

Having a fabulous time with my family in Austria. We spent all day in and out of the pool the went to town to enjoy live music while sipping caipirinhas in the streets of Mondsee. We're having fun catching up, eating and drinking too much and just laughing a lot. Missing the rest of the sisterhood but not to worry we're drinking your fair share:)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Leaving on a Jetplane..again:)

Yippeee can't wait to catch that flight tonight to a destination unknown. Looking forward to catching up with the French Connection and have some fun.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Strange in Many Ways

As I was rushing to put my son's shoes on him and head out, a man knocked at the gate. I locked the house and walked out with my son to our car outside the gate where this guy was standing. I asked him what's up and he said;
"you have a beautiful house".
I said "thank you but it isn't ours, we're just renting it."
He continued to say his wife and he, indicated towards his car where I could see his wife, are building a new house and they really liked this style of housing. What came next just about bowled me over. He asked if he and his wife could come into our house to have a look around and take photos!!! I stood there dumbfounded. I mean he looked nice enough and seeing the demure wife in the car just about made me say okay as I'm a nice person like that(yep)!

But then I thought what the heck? take photos of our personal space? by these strangers? Ummmm alarm bells rang in my head... should I be a nice lady or an unfriendly one? Nice or safety. What if these people attack me and my son in my house...moreover we live on a street where 20 houses look the same! So why mine? This is what was going around in my head as I stood there. Finally words came back to my head and I refused the guy nicely and said, "I'm sorry we're on our way out and go next door it's an office and it looks like someone's in, ask them to take photos in there because we have to go! The guy looked at me confused and then looked back at the other house and said oh ok. Me: "it's exactly the same as mine. "Sorry."
"Tau get in the car", I strapped him in his seat as quick as I could and drove off in a hurry before the guy was refused next door and he came back...

It occurred to me this is probably how unassuming people get attacked. OK the couple it seemed were genuinely interested in the house but still, I don't know them and it's just me and my son at home. Weird much?

Monday, August 08, 2011


We're enjoying the quiet evening unwinding after dinner with Master 3 down for the night when the peace is ravaged by tyres screeching followed by a loud bang of metal scraping and more screeching until it comes to a stop. It was too close to my front yard this time I thought our car was caught up in the heavy metal band out there. We run out to check and within seconds people had swarmed around the broken up sedan that had come to rest on the road partition. Our car was in one piece but the pieces of the broken car were all over the road and some were not far from the front parking lot! Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore of this we noticed among the debris was a teddy bear! A freakin' teddy bear! Did that mean there was a kid in the car? Or did that mean the car owners had kids. I convinced myself it was the latter as I walked back to my house and left the side show to half the town that were now parked all over to have a look! I'm not sure how people have not gathered that Speeding=Crash.

I don't get that. So the fact is we moved into this house 11 months ago and before our first two weeks was up there was a crash out front. We thought what the heck. And then another two weeks and another crash! I thought wtf? It quickly turned out that we were living on death road thank you big. After the head ache of moving we couldn't be arsed to move again. So for awhile(probably cos I was away) there were no accidents until that big one last week. And two days ago I noticed a car bumper on the road from yet another victim of speeding. We realise now there is a curve out front however if you drive within the speed limit of 80kph you're fine but more than that and with lots of other cars around you you're most likely going to hug the lamp post in these cases break a lamp post. These ones are flimsy and in the middle of the road partition. The lamp posts are probably flimsy so they're easily replaced and I kid you not, it takes them about a week before another one is in place.

Another thing they do here is, they clear the scene of the accident within minutes of it happening. We'd see the Indian labourers out there sweeping up the broken glass after the car had been taken away. I wonder if it's better if they left these broken cars on the roadside a while longer just as a warning to others? I mean after a bad accident we wake up the next morning and it's like nothing happened!

This country has a very high death rate due to road accidents. It's now normal to see accidents all over this city. When I went to pick up my son last week there was a two car crash in a 50kph turn-off!! I went to pick up my son from nursery yesterday and was held up in traffic as there was a dingdong on the main highway! Thank goodness for side roads I managed to get off the highway and take the slip road there. According to studies and statistics done here it's speed that contributes to the most accidents here.

P.S after I published this entry I hear noise in the front, I look out the window and it's the workers replacing the post that was knocked down a few days ago, I guess for the next sucker to use as a target.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Summer in Oman

And so Ramadan starts tomorrow or it might have been today, I'm not sure. The summer weather has been absolutely amazing. This is our seventh summer in Oman, yep, seventh and this is probably the best weather we've experienced in what you call summer. If you haven't been to a desert country or the like before well let me try and describe the heat in summer. When you exit your Air Conditioned house you're hit with this wall of heat. And I mean wall because it hits you full frontal, it engulfs your whole being, it violates your every pore, it makes you inhale heat which you'd never thought possible. You're simply surrounded by the heat so you run to your car hoping to cool down faster but the car thermostat reads 47 Celsius and everything is hot in it, from the seat to the steering wheel. You turn the A/C on full blast only to be blasted by more hot air so you turn it down again and wait for some cool air to come out, so you think maybe I should wind the windows down to let cool air in at which you're not any better off as the heat outside and inside the car are the same. You then direct the fans at the steering wheel to cool it down so you can at least start driving. It is utter misery but bless the inventor of A/Cs or I wouldn't be here.

However this summer is actually bearable. When the days are humid the thermostat reads about 37 Celsius. Then I'm not sure which is worse, the humidity or the dry heat. However the past weeks since we've been back it's been ok. Still above 30s but at least I can go outside with my son after 3pm so he can ride his bike and play in the garden. I'll happily take this mild summer over the freezing winter.