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A job!!!

Its been about a week and a half since the CELTA course and I'm over the break already. Very strange not having anything to get up for. I've been looking around for a job and had an interview last week and today I'm going in to find out more about this particular institution and observe some of the classes I'll be teaching. Really looking forward to it. I start on December 6th. All my colleagues from the course have either started work already or have something lined up... I can't believe I didn't discover this earlier!!! So a piece of advice to those that want to change careers or are not sure of what to the CELTA course or a TEFL certificate and it opens doors that you never noticed before. Its big business and there are jobs advertised all over the world for those that want to travel!
Tomorrow I'm heading up to Dubai ahead of Alex to hang out with friends there like in the malls and such:) Its the Dubai 7s this week-end so that's the hype up …

Party on...

Before the pina coladas took effect. A shot with David in between mixing the pinas.

Alex the BBQ king with his Dad Jim.

Ok tried to get Karin to look at the camera... never mind.

Jacinta quite happy at this stage and Bianca looking timid... or doing the innocent look right now.

Mr Malo malo... Linus and Beatrix behind the bar!

Renuka and Karin digging in at the buffet.

Ali... the famous tour guide.

The Samoan delegation doing the siva of course. Gina there in blue the one other Samoan lady in Muscat.

lovely, lovely

So its 4 am now and everyone has just left, I've had a few too many pina coladas and am quite happy with how the party went. Everyone enjoyed the pina coladas (including myself) and the magaritas. It was a lovely celebration of the end of our course so it was nice to see my colleagues in a relaxed manner. Our one other Samoan friend came with her lovely husband who spoke some important words in Samoan which went something like this "Faafekai kele lava, malo malo." So I proceeded to reply in Samoan in a polite manner and I got " malo malo malo" so I laughed and said you sure do know what's important...cos he can't speak outside of that... but it was nevertherless really nice to see others trying to speak which I thought was sweet.

Everything g.... comes to an end!!

And here I am alive and tattered after 8 weeks of CELTA in Oman. Today the course was officially declared closed, finito. It is so weird to not have lessons to plan and assignments to hand in. Really really weird. Tomorrow we're throwing a BBQ for the end of the course and to farewell Alex's parents that have been with us for almost a month now. We are also celebrating the arrival of winter in Oman when we can use the blimin' balcony which we couldn't use in the heat of summer.
So let's just say I'm back to blogging for a while yet. Its nice to have nothing to plan for now and just relax though it feels very strange... time passes by...

Its the first of November so we're two months away from the end of yet another year. Hmm time flies by when you're not looking?
Alex's parents are over visiting and we're loving having family up here. As I'm still in the middle of the course I have been busy while Alex has been taking the folks all over Oman. They've already spent the night in the desert called the Wahiba sands and then spent the nite on a beach in the Al Naseem camp near where they went to see the turtles. The weather now is bearable its in the 30s and inland its in the 20s so already there are visitors coming into the country and the expats are heading for the hills in their four wheel drives. I'm really looking forward to an adventure filled winter this year.
I have two more weeks left for my course and am looking forward to it now. Two more weeks to go and if all goes well we'll be out in the real world tp get on with it all. OK its 4pm on Wednesday which is like a Friday in most co…