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O le aso.

Ramadan is coming to an end and all Muslims I take it are looking forward to Eid which is the celebration of the end of the holy fasting month. I'm sure many a new car has been bought and outfits have been made. Many are visiting the salons to get their makeover for Eid. Now it's hard to get anything made at the tailor's as they are flooded with customers as well as beauty salons as the local ladies are getting spruced up for Eid. Many including expats are going off on holiday during the week break so it's exciting times for a lot of people here.
As for us we're staying put until next month we might do something during hubby's holidays. However I'm itchy to travel again so we might go somewhere close by.
Last night I baked a cake from scratch that actually worked for the first time. The gas oven we have now is better than our last one so I managed to pull off a butter cake(the simplest of them all) with lemon topping. It was not too bad. I still need to mast…

Sleeping babe

Well these days of motherhood, there are days when I can't wait for my baby to go to sleep so I can surf the net, read or just have a nap. sad one but well I need me time too. Anyway our son is doing very well. He's taller now and we're getting more reaction from him now. Yesterday I tried the blow on his tummy trick and he laughed I mean a REAL baby open mouth with noise laugh. It was soooo cute. Two weeks ago I went to check on him sleeping in his cot to find that he was wide awake and managed to do a 180 degree turn in the cot. I was so shocked but well he's obviously getting stronger and developing. I value seeing other friends with kids as I learn something from them all the time. So now we've got our routine down to a T now. Bath in the evening and then sleep time around 6-6.30pm. He's now sleeping longer at night which is just a blessing lol. Two nights ago he slepts for 8 hours straight. Last night was 7 hours straight so I'm a happy momma. I've…


So I got the best surprise party ever last night! We went to the Emirates Mall yesterday and one of the rarest moments my hubby was actually suggesting different shops and clothes to try on!!! Little did I know it was to keep me away as Nets and Rich were working their magic at home. On our way home we kind of lost our way but got home at around 7. Well as surprise parties go I opened the door and there were all our friends here in Dubai yelling SURPRISE!!! I was so shocked I didn't know what to do and was about to step outside again when Alex pushed me inside the house. It was so aweeeeesoooommmeee and just about all our friends here made it. Alex and Nets had been making plans and calls behind my back all week!!! Most of our Samoan friends also made it which was just fantastic. It was a great party too. Nets and Rich were awesome hosts and really know how to throw a party. We had loads of fun and of course everyone fell in love with our little Tauilagi. It was the first time eve…


My first bath with Tau

New captain and son
Alex has passed his linecheck and is now a captain. I'm very proud of him and we're a happy bunch at the moment with our little blessing Tau and all that's happening in our lives. All thanks to God for his blessings upon us.
The weather has cooled in Muscat now it's wonderful. Ramadan starts tomorrow so no eating in public for us and all the best to those fasting.
We better go home now. Tau is fast asleep in his pram and it's getting late and we're at our friend's apartment to use the internet. We should get ours soon.