So I got the best surprise party ever last night! We went to the Emirates Mall yesterday and one of the rarest moments my hubby was actually suggesting different shops and clothes to try on!!! Little did I know it was to keep me away as Nets and Rich were working their magic at home. On our way home we kind of lost our way but got home at around 7. Well as surprise parties go I opened the door and there were all our friends here in Dubai yelling SURPRISE!!! I was so shocked I didn't know what to do and was about to step outside again when Alex pushed me inside the house. It was so aweeeeesoooommmeee and just about all our friends here made it. Alex and Nets had been making plans and calls behind my back all week!!! Most of our Samoan friends also made it which was just fantastic. It was a great party too. Nets and Rich were awesome hosts and really know how to throw a party. We had loads of fun and of course everyone fell in love with our little Tauilagi. It was the first time everyone met him here so he was passed around until he fell asleep my poor boy. Well like his parents he's still knocked out from the party and it's 11am. choo hoo!
Thanks to my lovely husband for such an awesome idea. Thanks heaps to Nets and Rich for a great party and for all the organisations and the beautiful cake. well my past flashed before my eyes when the cake was presented and it was a replica of a Jim Beam Bottle with a Polynesian airlines logo in the middle. Jim Beam cos that was my first boyfriend and the Poly as that's where Alex and I met. Thanks to everyone that made it. It made the night beautiful and complete. Thanks also for the presents for Tauilagi and I. It was just beautiful.


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