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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Grandma Siu six years ago

Posing with Grandma is Aunty Sina behind granny, Mom next to granny and cousin Fiona in the forefront. Most of us grandkids of Faleasiu Liki were blessed in taking turns to look after her physically. I say blessed is because we got much more out of the deal then we would ever have given grandma. We were taught so much from saying the A, E, I...correctly right up to learning full verses from the Samoan bible so we would all recite them at every lotu in the evenings. Our grandmother was blind by the time I was eight however all her other senses were sharpened otherwise so we could not creep past her without her knowing. Strategically granny's bed was placed near the entrance to our house. We tried all kinds of tip toeing but literally granny NEVER missed a beat. Sometimes we would try to imitate the others' voice. "Io Si'u, O Fotu lea" and then: "OMEGA o lea lau mea ga e fai... ua e pepelo mai ia ke au. Faapea oe e leaga ou kaliga" Oops nice try Megs. So it was quite a laugh as it made our house secure as NO ONE could enter without detection. I swear grandma was so good that she even could tell how each person tip toed!!! as she would call out the correct name straight away. I miss my grandma now. I'm still in Savaii and our house is so WEIRD without her in it. No one to call out who's there? What are you up to?
At this point I better go and get ready for church. Mom just called for me to join and listen to their mau. I did go this morning also thank you. I'm leaving back to Oman this week so I won't be here in a long while yet.

Passing away of our beloved Grandmother.

Our beloved grandma Faleasiu passed away on Good Friday 7pm 14th April 2006 at our home in Safua. We were all present and she chose a beautiful time to depart. We miss her greatly but we have been blessed to have had her for as long as we did. We learned so much from Grandma through her prayers, wisdom and teachings that has made us who we are today.