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Samoan Wedding

As I am preparing and organising my Samoan wedding next month I am confronted with some challenges to having the wedding of our (Hubby and I) dreams. As a Samoan woman growing up in an era of changing traditions from traditional to modern norms I find myself caught in the rip of the tides of transformation. Being reared and nurtured in a cultural environment and yet was taught to embrace independence and liberal thinking I find myself fighting to clear confusion and let my thoughts and wishes be heard. Wanting a wedding that would be fun and enjoyed by all present is fine but it goes against the wedding traditions of the celebration of the merge of two families, the exchange of finemats and food, the show of wealth and smarts through speeches. One finds one self in a difficult position of whether to please others or stick to a programme that is simple and yet have fun and have fond memories to reminisce on for the rest our lives. The story continues...