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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I finally succumbed to the vampire trend and bought the Twilight book and read it on the flight back from NZ! Wow I must say it was quite a read and it wasn't bad at all. I didn't like the bit of the story where I thought the story broke after the heroine was attacked but otherwise the writer was very good with words and I must say a very realistic way of describing a teenage crush when nothing else matters but what you feel and the subject of one's infatuation. So needless to say I'm hooked and want to get through the other two books now.
On the way to NZ I read Caroline's Sister by Sheila O'Flannagan. It was okay... I thought it droned on in some bits and it got to a point where I just skipped paragraphs and still didn't lose the storyline which was almost boring by the end. Needless to say I was glad I was done with that.
When I went to England a few years ago I met my eldest nephew Ben for the first time and we discussed books and he gave me a list of must-read books. On this list were all three Phillip Pullman books and last December I read Northern Lights. That was really good I must say. I was sucked into the book until the end. Funny thing is I realised after the first few lines that I'd seen the movie The golden compass or other which was not that great plus Nicole Kidman is just atrocious these days in movies. So I was worried that I wouldn't enjoy the book as much but I did and I can't wait to read the next one. I'm now reading a Michael Connelly novel called Bloodwork. There's a time for some authors I say and I like to take a break between authors otherwise I find the writing predictable and irritating.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Stand-by Travel and Citizenship

Ia e muamua ona sii le viiga ma le faafetai i le Atua ona o lona alofa tunoa mo i tatou uma ua le mavae lea. Ona oo ai lea o lau faafetai ia John Key for I got my NZ citizenship application accepted last October thank you very much. I got a letter from the citizenship office last month that the ceremony to take my oath of citizenship was on February 8th of this month.
As we decided it's best to get it over with now, we had to make arrangements on how I was going to accomplish this with the least disruption to our baby boy's life. Thank goodness for good friends my best pal in Dubai decided that she'll come to ours and faamuli with my son when hubby dearest was at work. So it was sort of a wife-swap except I wasn't being swapped, I had to make my way to Wellington in the fastest possible way and back before my son forgot he had a mommy. I was travelling on a discounted fare (thanks to hubby's job) where I would be one of the last people that they consider at boarding time to hop on the flight if for some miraculous reason one passenger dropped dead, didn't show or had to be off loaded due to whatever reasons.
All three flights out of Dubai that morning were full but I did my PR work and visited all three gates and introduced myself to the staff to let them know that if there were a seat available to make sure that they called me who was standing not far from the counter with only a carry on bag ready to fill that seat.
Well most of the staff were so nicely negative about my chances but I stood like a statue near the counter on the first flight that was leaving and tried to make sure I didn't look too desperate(though that was obvious from a mile away) and smiled ever so often to the check in staff just to remind them that there's a prospective passenger there!
Boarding time came and went and one check in staff signaled to me that they were waiting for ONE passenger. Unfortunately I was wishing all sorts of airport mishaps on that person like lost luggage, can't get through security blah blah. And then the main staff signaled for me to come over. And low and behold one passenger had to be off loaded because they didn't have the right visa for NZ so I got the one vacant seat all the way to NZ!!! Imagine my joy as I was contemplating getting back on the flight to Oman as I was missing my son so much, especially when I spoke to him and he said "come": ouch. Needless to say I was in tears and not enjoying the experience at all. It was like I was travelling without my heart for that whole time. It was terrible. In the process I went mad with the Sat-Nav phone on Emirates making calls that cost too much so I could talk to my darling back home.
Anyway I got to NZ safely and went straight to Hamilton with my sister and her two kids to see our other sister with the one kid:) It was nice to see everyone but I was knocked out in bed by 9pm and woke up the next morning at 8am.
To be cont'd


We came back from Dubai today. Hubby went for word to start with and after Bubba's nursery on Wednesday I picked him up and headed straight for the airport to go to Dubai. Here is how my day went that Wednesday.
Bubba and I were up at 6.30 fed him his breakfast got ready and off we went to drop him off at nursery. He cried for a bit as I left but the teacher at the gate reassured me "he cries for two minutes then he stops after you leave". I wasn't sure whether that was supposed to make me feel better!
I came home and quickly did our packing, tidied our messy apartment from bubba's playing the night before, toys all over the lounge and I also tried to get some washing done before heading off so we're now greeted with a tonne of laundry on our return. After the house was nicely tidied, dishes washed, laundry in washing machine I had enough time to zip down to the salon and got my nails done. Oh yeah I needed a reward after all that work heh. I told the lady to cut corners so I can get out of there as the clock was ticking and it hit me I had less than an hour and a half to pick up sonny boy and get to check-in for our flight.
The night before I had done the right thing and listed ourselves on the flight just to be sure we're wait-listed as we were travelling on discounted fares, thanks to the perks of hubby's job.
So I rushed out of the salon grabbed our bags and literally ran to the car with stroller in tow and drove like a mad woman to pick up my son.
I apologized to the teacher that I was in a rush and off we went, strap my son in his seat and off to the airport we went. At the long term car park I realised that there were no trolleys there so I had to leave my son's car seat behind as there was no way I could take child, stroller, and three bags to the check in by myself!!! Where were my third and fourth hands when I needed them. We finally get to the check-in counter with 20 minutes to spare (they close the flight an hour before take-off) and the guy looks at our ticket and had a exasperated look on his face. I gave him 2 minutes before I asked him what was going on and he said, "oh" he says "you aren't listed on the flight so I'm trying to call reservations but no one is answering, why don't you go back to reservations and book yourselves and then come back." OK I just about blew my top there and I calmly said to the check-in staff that I DID list us on this flight the night before and if he can't check us in then by all means call his supervisor or someone that can enter us in the system. He tries to call again and all this time there's another staff behind him talking away to him and they're having a full conversation meanwhile the clock is ticking and I know they'll close the flight real soon. He says to me again "you have to go to reservations and list yourself" I lost it then and I said to him in a stern voice,
"How do you expect me to take my son, bags and all and run out through security to reservations and back within 10 minutes?"
The guys just wanted me to go away, he didn't care less whether I got on the flight or I pressed and said call your supervisor and I'm not leaving here till you check us in and I'm not going anywhere. I listed myself on the flight last night and so we should be in the system. He finally called his colleague at the other counter who took our passports and ticket and checked us in!!! This guy was just typing away on his computer and I had to ask him if everything was okay and he said that there wasn't a problem he was checking us in. Meanwhile the other idiot has left his counter with his friend and chatting away obviously on their break. No wonder I was in the way of his break time...arrrgh.
Anyway we got on the flight alright and the crew were really nice that day. Sonny boy was really good and we were in Dubai in no time. Luckily our friends in Dubai had an extra car seat which we managed to borrow for the 5 days we were there. As usual we had a fab time with our friends.
I went to the Jazz festival with the girls on Thursday night and saw David Gray in action. He was just awesome. He sounded just like on his recordings it was fantastic. We had a nice time. We also went to the movies with our friends and saw Avatar in 3D which was not bad. The visual effects were amazing though the storyline wasn't original at all. We enjoyed it though. Last night my girl Nets and I went to see Valentines Day which was a fun movie. We laughed a lot and enjoyed it which was fun.
Now we're back home and nursery is on holiday so I have to do a lot of things to keep sonny boy busy in the morning. Off to bed now it's late.