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The importance of a parent's support

Today was my 6 year old's sports say at school from grades 1 to 3. The school sent emails over a week ago encouraging parents to come support our kids on sports day. I had marked it down to make sure I didn't miss it. I dropped my son as normal then sat in the car and played with my phone until it was time to go to the sports field to watch the kids play.

It was a well organised sports day with stations well laid out by the time we got there and they had pre-picked teams the week before. The kids were tagged with stickers like name badges to remind them and to show the supervisors which teams they belonged to. Once the teams were sent to which station they started at off went the sports day. So we parents basically stood on the side lives and cheered on the kids. Well this fob mother wasn't quiet, I was shouting like I was at the Olympics. And not just for my son...for all the kids whose names I knew. Anyway in my son's team there was this one boy who was distracted s…

'Tis The Season...

Having fun at the ANZO Christmas Party in Muscat Intercontinental Hotel Gardens

We won the gingerbread house at the party.
And we ate it at home lol