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Oman and Accidents

We're definitely back now. I dropped my son's friend off home and was driving home with Tau. I slowed down at the lights and then I saw the car in front of me rear-end another car so I hit my brakes and put my hazard lights on to warn any car behind me. I looked in my rearview mirror and I saw the car behind me was about a hundred metres back so I relaxed thinking phew they'll see my hazard lights on plus we've all slowed down for the red light. Well a few seconds later the car behind me hits my car! I think the driver must have been distracted (like on her phone) or whatever not to have seen my gigantic car had stopped with hazard lights on. Am thankful for big cars cos the plastic bumper on mine was damaged and the other car's hood and parts got pushed back. Thank God no one was hurt but now awaiting the faulty driver to call me to see her insurance about fixing my car!!

Back to Reality 2014

Tau started back at school yesterday. Now he is Grade one. When we arrived, his best friend was already in class and some of his other mates from last year were there too. So immediately he sat on the mat with the others and didn't bother to say goodbye to me. I had to go to him to say bye. I got the class schedule and it was swimming day yesterday so I went back to school 2 hours later to drop off his swimming gear and the teacher commented that he was doing really well as if he had always been there! all I can say. I was expecting him to hang onto me a bit longer like he did in Wellington. During our time in NZ I put him in Year one there so he could spend time with his peers. I guess because they were all new faces he wasn't too keen for me to leave. I stayed for about 10 minutes the first morning until he was comfortable but after that he was okay except he kept complaining that he didn't want to go. So I'm relieved that he's happy to return to his sc…

Our Loss

We've had a long time away from home spending it with loved ones in NZ. We arrived in NZ met up with Mum there at my older sister's place then we went to Wellington to catch up with my inlaws. We had a fabulous time with all our families. Mum got to catch up with a lot of her siblings and family. Most precious of all is we got to spend quality time with my mother-in-law who had terminal cancer. My six year old son had an awesome time with his beloved nana before she took a turn for the worse. We left NZ at the end of July and came home with my two boys. 
One week here in Muscat and we received the dreaded call from NZ that my kids beloved nana was now weak. We got on the next flight back to NZ with my husband and made it to nana's side while she could still talk and had some of her strength. We had a precious three and a half weeks with her before she passed away peacefully at home surrounded by her loved ones. It was an emotional month for the whole family but what was mos…