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Sunday, January 27, 2008


Last night as I was fighting wakefulness to get some much needed sleep I thought of writing an A-Z chart of our current experiences of pre-parenthood. Here we go:
A- Alex who is the baby_daddy.
B- for we are truly blessed with this pregnancy.
C- is for the Bugaboo Cameleon pram/stroller that I really want for baby that's quite expensive.
D- the desire to be great parents.
E- mo le elefane or Elephant in Samoan as that is part of the alphabet we learned as kids which was strange as there are no elephants in Samoa but I'll teach it to my kid too! lol
F- for Father for the new journey that Alex starts with the arrival of baby. For the strong relationship he has with his father which can only be a great basis for his relationship with baby:) My father that lives in my memories and imagination.
G- is for God Almighty for nothing is complete without him.
H- For baby's last name.
I- India where my father was born and I dream to make it there one day with my family.
J- is for my last name.
K- is for Knowledge
L- is for LOVE for without it we are empty. 1 Corinthians 13 "Hope, Faith and Love - and the greatest of these is LOVE." Hmm and Labour of Love(it's gotta be) which I'll be going through to get this little one out into the world!!!
M- for our Moms for they keep us kids strong and motivated and also in appreciation of their being strongholds in our families. Miracles that become babies.
N- New Zealand where Alex was born and brought up and where we hope to live.
O- for Omega that's me who's carrying this precious gift with pride and joy and will be Mommy to our little blessing. Also for Oman where we live now.
P- is for parenthood that we are about to embark on with all the joys and trials it brings.
Q- Quite an ordinary experience to others but extra-ordinary for us newbies!
S- for Safua, Savaii, SAMOA my birthplace, our heritage, our pride which we will pass on to our child.
T- The first letter of Baby's first name.
U- Unity that is the basis of our Samoan families.
W- is for Womanhood- strong, sensitive and Wonderful.
X- is for xylophone which was one of my favourite toy instruments as a child until Eletise took it for his son. sob sob
Y- For the young and innocent that we have to protect.
Z- Zzzzzz I'm told to catch up on a lot of this before bubs arrives.
I will complete this as we go along...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Not all smooth then.

Today I went to meet Lize at CentrePoint which is a huge department store nearby that were having a sale. As we started to browse through the jewellery section trying on different necklaces I was all of a sudden overcome with dizziness and felt like I was going to black out. I told Lize and she quickly grabbed a seat for me to sit down as I lowered my head to get some blood back up again. I was quite pale according to Lize and I looked it in the mirror too! The shop girls were very helpful and one lady proceeded to tell us that she has four children and this is quite normal during pregnancy. Her going on about her kids I think helped me regain conciousness fully as I tried to focus on what the heck she was on about. She was quite young but said that she had a 16 year old son because back in her day she married at the age of fourteen to her first cousin as was the tradition!!! She was so cool about it and proceeded to say that that was how they were taught but today not many young people want such arrangements! Bless her because I felt much better and then we proceeded to the coffee shop to have tea with lots of sugar in case I was low on sugar! Anyway I felt fine after that. Ate some more and then came home and had some more food and fruits. So now I'm feeling as good as new and wondering what the heck that was about. Oh well everything has been so lovely about the pregnancy that I'm bound to get a reminder it's not all smoothsailing and no I'm not superwoman. I just hope this is not a first for many crappy experiences to come!!! Fingers crossed and no I am not focussing on it.
And I am now 21 weeks pregnant, thank you Lord for your protection.
OK I'm home alone, hubby should get back tomorrow morning pe a pule alofa le Atua e aulia ma le manuia.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Beginnings

I can't believe I haven't blogged in the new year yet. I've been so busy I guess I just didn't have time. So Christmas was nice in Austria with Mom especially. All up I spent about six wonderful weeks with my Mom which was just great. Living so far away from home it's nice to have that precious time together that is otherwise hard to come by these days. It was Mom's 65th in December so we had fun celebrating that too. We celebrated New Year's with Desiree's friends from around Austria and Switzerland. We had a lovely time.
Mom left on January 13th and I cried like a baby! It was so sad to part after such a nice time together. Oh well it doesn't hurt to cry.
And the best news was finding out the sex of our baby. Moreover we went with a friend who works for GE electrics to have a 4D scan of baby. The scans were so amazing that we were practically watching baby in real time moving around in there!!! Mom and Desiree were in there watching too. It was just beautiful that we could see baby's features already and the movements were just beautiful. From that moment on it just made it more real to me. It's just amazing knowing that there's life growing inside my tummy. Our doctor friend proceeded to point out baby's organs and how well they were working. We were looking at baby at about 18 weeks and Bubs was about 15.5cm long!!! Technology these days is just something to marvel at.
I had fun buying baby clothes at the sales in the stores there.
From day one I had decided on some names if either a boy or girl. However I was still struggling with the second names. Anyway after we found out the sex Mom came up with a beautiful name for baby that I liked instantly. It was after the scan and Mom had an epiphany shall I say!! I thought it's a beautiful name. I told daddy-to-be and he also liked it as well so I think we're pretty set on baby's names. It's just so exciting now and my tummy is growing big fast now.
Other news babe bought me an HP laptop for Christmas which I'm now using. It's just great stuff. I love it. It has everything and lots of memory too. So a good start to record pictures of baby Godwilling all goes well.
In the mean time I better get off the net and get some sleep. The weather here in Muscat has just been awful. I left the winter in Europe thinking I was arriving into sunshine here only to be greeted by heavy rain and cloudy days which is out of character for Muscat!!
I'm going to try to make it to church tomorrow morning. Until the next blog, adios.
A picture of our little blessing from the 4D scan.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy New Year

I'm now 18 weeks pregnant. Yesterday I went to see a local gynaecologist to see if baby is ok and all is well. He did a scan which was awesome. There was a screen specially for my viewing pleasure which was great. The doctor was great and it was beautiful to see baby. Baby was quite active and the Doc said he was having troubles trying to get good pictures as he was moving around a lot. Otherwise he said that Baby looks healthy and is developing well. I'm thankful to God that baby is fine and I am too. I pray that things carry on as they are and even better. My baby bump is getting bigger and I feel great.
Today we went to Flachau skiing area. Relle went snowboarding while Desiree and I went for a stroll around the area. It was not a bad skiing aread. We went back to one of the restaurant/bars sat outside enjoying the sun and ate and drank all day. What a day! It was beautiful to be out of the house though.