Happy New Year

I'm now 18 weeks pregnant. Yesterday I went to see a local gynaecologist to see if baby is ok and all is well. He did a scan which was awesome. There was a screen specially for my viewing pleasure which was great. The doctor was great and it was beautiful to see baby. Baby was quite active and the Doc said he was having troubles trying to get good pictures as he was moving around a lot. Otherwise he said that Baby looks healthy and is developing well. I'm thankful to God that baby is fine and I am too. I pray that things carry on as they are and even better. My baby bump is getting bigger and I feel great.
Today we went to Flachau skiing area. Relle went snowboarding while Desiree and I went for a stroll around the area. It was not a bad skiing aread. We went back to one of the restaurant/bars sat outside enjoying the sun and ate and drank all day. What a day! It was beautiful to be out of the house though.


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