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Samoa Tsunami

I had just hopped into bed last night when the landline started ringing. I ran out to the lounge to pick up the phone and my heart started pounding as late calls usually mean bad news. It was my mother inlaw calling to inform us that a tsunami had just hit Samoa and if my family was okay. The sick feeling I felt in the pit of my stomach was all I felt at that very moment. My mind raced as I tried to think if my family were in the danger areas. Poutasi, Falealili was mentioned and I felt even more sick as my sister J was in Poutasi to do her research there and now I was praying that she had left the area. I hung up the phone and started the marathon calls to Samoa to all my family's numbers. As I've just changed phones I didn't have all the numbers saved but these I have committed to memory. Amazing in the moment of stress and panic, I couldn't remember some of the numbers that I dial over and over. Panic rose as I could not get through to anyone. I was just not connect…


Today was the first day the metro started running here in Dubai. The radio stations and newspapers also published the rules and regulations for the metro. The metro is the hopeful relief to the traffic problems here in Dubai so we'll see what happens. The traffic is still a major problem here. Nets drove to pick us up from the hotel which is 10 mins away from her so we could go to a friend's birthday breakfast and well she was still in traffic in the morning for 2 whole hours!!! The breakfast turned into a birthday lunch due to our tardiness thanks to the traffic.

We're currently at Nets and Rich's in Sharjah and having a ball. We haven't quite made it home just yet on our way from New Zealand.

It's my birthday
Two years in a row now I'm in the UAE for my birthday. I'm such a lucky girl. Nets got up early and made us all a lovely bacon and eggs breakfast. It was fantastico. Later in the evening the ladies of Dubai came over and we had a few drinks, la…