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Birthday boy and grandparents visiting

Time flies when you have a lot on. My kids other grandparents came for visit for two weeks and it was great having them over. It was also baby's first birthday and Master 5's Easter holidays. We stayed put and just spent time with the folks around Muscat. It was fantastic. I value the time my kids have with our parents and I love that their bond grows stronger each time. 
Pepeboy's first birthday went really well. A lot of our friends went away for Easter so the few that were in town joined us to celebrate pepeboy's 1st year milestone. He had his usual naps during the day and so I planned the birthday to when he woke up at 4pm. So 4pm baby was on top form as everyone arrived. He had loads of fun and all up we had about 10 kids two of which were babies while the rest were Tau's age group. So to keep them busy we played pass the parcel, musical chairs and this awesome idea I picked up at another party where you buy those noodle spray cans. Hand them out and it's f…