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Manu Samoa vs France 2012 - Before

Every Manu Samoa fan in every corner of the world at this very moment is most likely on the edge of their seat, biting nails, restless and just waiting with anticipation this next game that will start in an hour and half in Paris. After Samoa's last two wins against Canada and Wales this is a defining moment. They beat Australia last year and then went to lose to Wales at the World Cup in NZ which was heart wrenching for all Samoans. 
To me this will change Samoa's place in the rugby world if they beat France tonight after annihilating Wales last week in their homeground Cardiff! If they don't then we're once again a one hit wonder that win once in awhile. Last week we saw our team really have the goods to deliver. Having said that France are also at the top of their game. They beat Argentina last week beautifully so it's Manu Samoa has a huge task ahead of them.
Well I just want to wish our team the best of luck. O tou mama na. Whatever the outcome I'm a proud M…

Samoa beat Wales 2012

In what was an exhilirating game to watch between Samoa and Wales last night in Cardiff, Samoa came out victorious with 26 points to Wales 19. Samoa scored 3 tries to Wales' one try. Fa'atoina Autagavaia, George Pisi, and Johnny Leota scored the three tries. Autagavaia's try came just after the first minute of the game which set the game for Samoa. They were fit and they were persistent. Pisi's try in the second half was another beauty as he touched down the ball in mid-air after jumping away to avoid the Welsh tackler. I think it was the best try of the match. They played like a world class team and I was just proud to watch them consistently going through their set pieces and not breaking down or making silly mistakes. The Manu Samoa I watched last night were a far cry from the one a few years ago when I would watch for the heck of it and feel my heart sink as the boys struggle through the second half from lack of fitness. This time they were fit and up to the challe…

Fun at the Park

A nice Thursday afternoon at Al Ilam Park after yummy salad and cheese toasty at Cafe G.

Ayana Spa Rocks in Muscat

This morning a couple of friends and myself decided to go for a pampering morning at Ayana Day Spa here in Muscat. It is currently my favourite spa for their treatments, professionalism, atmosphere and cleanliness. Mum and sister enjoyed lots of days there in the past weeks so today was my turn. I had a relaxing massage that was just blissful followed by a manicure. Gosh I wonder why I don't do that more often! Before that I dropped my son off at school then walked on the beach with my bestie which is just so beautiful early in the morning. We enjoyed a nice simple breakfast at D'Arcy's on Shatti Beach before we made our way to the spa. Talk about a real pampered expat wife day! But you know what, we deserve it and 'yes we can'. Ia ua lelei.


Wow is my page just boring or what? I've hardly blogged in the past months. Just weird how fast time flies since the last entry. Well a lot has happened. We have been blessed for the second time and have a few months to go until the arrival of our new family member. I'm grateful to God for blessing us again and praying that all goes well. Well I've been lucky with no nausea and whatever else happens to other people...but  have just been tired in the afternoons but then again that's normal for me so it's all good so far thank goodness. I'm starting to feel the little one's movements now which is very exciting and making it very real. The bump is growing fast now and so has my appetite. I'm enjoying my food that's for sure and the koko Samoa I have in the freezer for rainy days has never tasted better:) Coincidentally a lot of friends and family around the world are also blessed right at this time. My sister for one is 3 months ahead of  me which is v…

Time with Mother/Grandma

We've had the privilege of having Mum visit us in our home in Oman. It's Mum's first visit in my son's 4 years and it is just surreal it's wonderful. The last time was when I was pregnant with my son. It's so unusual but such a rare treat that I'm enjoying every moment with my mother. My son has warmed to his grandma and they have fun together now. I'm loving having my mother in our home and the fact that I can take care of her and make sure she gets alot of rest from the busy life she leads. I envy my family back home who have the pleasure of having grandma visit their kids all the time and it's moments like these that I wish we lived closer to our son's grandparents. 
Mum has a few more days and I'm dreading the quiet house after she and my sis from Europe leave. I'm going to miss them terribly when they go and will enjoy the last days we have together:)