Manu Samoa vs France 2012 - Before

Every Manu Samoa fan in every corner of the world at this very moment is most likely on the edge of their seat, biting nails, restless and just waiting with anticipation this next game that will start in an hour and half in Paris. After Samoa's last two wins against Canada and Wales this is a defining moment. They beat Australia last year and then went to lose to Wales at the World Cup in NZ which was heart wrenching for all Samoans. 
To me this will change Samoa's place in the rugby world if they beat France tonight after annihilating Wales last week in their homeground Cardiff! If they don't then we're once again a one hit wonder that win once in awhile. Last week we saw our team really have the goods to deliver. Having said that France are also at the top of their game. They beat Argentina last week beautifully so it's Manu Samoa has a huge task ahead of them.
Well I just want to wish our team the best of luck. O tou mama na. Whatever the outcome I'm a proud Manu Samoa supporter and really believe the team is on it's way up with the change in management and exposure of the corruption thanks to Mahonri Schwalger and the other selfless players that put themselves on the line for the betterment of rugby in Samoa. I'm saddened that they haven't been recalled but it's given the others a chance to shine which is a good thing. Manuia le alo atu i tou Faiva Manu Samoa


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