Wow is my page just boring or what? I've hardly blogged in the past months. Just weird how fast time flies since the last entry. Well a lot has happened. We have been blessed for the second time and have a few months to go until the arrival of our new family member. I'm grateful to God for blessing us again and praying that all goes well. Well I've been lucky with no nausea and whatever else happens to other people...but  have just been tired in the afternoons but then again that's normal for me so it's all good so far thank goodness. I'm starting to feel the little one's movements now which is very exciting and making it very real. The bump is growing fast now and so has my appetite. I'm enjoying my food that's for sure and the koko Samoa I have in the freezer for rainy days has never tasted better:) Coincidentally a lot of friends and family around the world are also blessed right at this time. My sister for one is 3 months ahead of  me which is very exciting as it's her first. So it's baby boom time again next year. And in the same breathe I pray for my friends and relatives that are trying to have babies and hope they get blessed soon too. 
My mum and sis left last Tuesday and well it's been strange not having them around once more. It was so nice having mum around for us to take care of and pamper. It was Eid here so their first week was very relaxing and quiet with the empty roads as local residents had travelled abroad to spend their holidays. 
Next month we'll be seeing Mum and our families again in Samoa and New Zealand as it'll be my mum's birthday. I can't wait to see our families then. Bring on the headaches and the laughter, I'm ready for it...I just feel sorry for the first person I'm going to explode at due to the hormonal upheaval! That's my excuse for now but really hope no such thing happens. 
On other news facebook has become utterly boring. I think the novelty has worn off and I wonder what other social network is next!!! 


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