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Monday, August 20, 2012


My dear friend has completed her chemo therapy treatment for breast cancer and has been cleared to our joyful relief. Her hair is slowly growing back but sparse at the moment. She has a monthly injection called herceptin she has to take to be rid of a cancerous gene she has for the 11 more months otherwise life goes on and we're thankful that she survived this.

Our other loved one has just completed her first round of chemo and radiotherapy and now having a break. They will conduct tests to see what effect it had on the tumor and we're all praying and hoping for the best results. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fifty Shades of .....

If you want some entertainment read this brilliant version of Fifty Shades of Savai'i by my talented sister. Just brilliant.


Enjoying a beautiful summer day on Mondsee Lake with son driving the boat

Lake Mondsee

Soga'imiti enjoying the ride

Hubby went for a hike and took this lovely shot from the mountain of the lake

This view always makes my heart miss a beat. Sheer beauty and the boys cooking up Pork ribs add to the mystique lol

Bike riding again tandem with my son..hard work

Having fun at the moonlight party

Tau having a ball at the Lake Festival

Tau with Nadia enjoying all the sugary treats

Daddy having a good time at the beer fest

Us 3 after the was packed.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

'My life as a dog'

Dramatics I meant 'with a dog'. Yes literally, we brought home a three month old Labrador cross last week. Two sleepless nights and days later I was absolutely mortified. I could not believe we had done that. I, since I was a child had never owned a dog. Same goes with the hubby. We were both debating how to pass it along. However the Apple of my son's eye is so cute that we're SLOWLY warming to it. Oh yes everyday hubby and I deliberate how to get rid of it but my son's growing affection for it has stopped us from doing so. I think it'll be one of those things that traumatises a child. "I'll never forget the day my mum and dad gave away my dog" choo hooo and so the dog stays. 

But having said all that, not-so-little Apple is a fast learner and a smart dog to our relief. Some dog lover friends had said Labs were stupid, personally I cannot tell the differences in intelligence from one dog to another but I do appreciate it when they learn what we teach it to do! After a couple of accidents in the house we're making sure it is outside of the house at reasonable times to do it's business to avoid any further mishaps.

My idea of owning a dog, is that of what I grew up with in Samoa. The dog slept outside or on a porch or in the faleka'avale but just not in our sleeping house. I loved to play with it, make sure it's fed but our home being a huge open fagua/land there was plenty of space for it to do their dirty business so that wasn't much trouble. And then like any other dog owner I was utterly shattered when each of them died, at one time due to an asshole named I'u in our village who was armed with a sapelu/machete. Just about sliced our dog Cindy's head off. I never could look at that guy the same anymore...he was a murderer forever in my eyes. Cindy was a beautiful reddish dog that was part dingo. A tourist arrived with it in a basket and just left it with us. We loved that dog, she was part of our family. 

Back to our dog Apple; whom my son, thanks to his aunty C's prompting, named it after his favourite fruit. Her's is Strawberry. Yep we're getting all the jokes from friends about it... Well it's like we have a new baby in some ways but we're getting used to having it around the house. At the moment now that it's not very hot anymore we're trying to teach it to stay outdoors. That is training in progress, at the moment it scratches the doors and tries to open the door handle to come back in! 
To be continued...

Friday, August 17, 2012

Heilbronn 2012

Father and son walking through the fields

Cathedral in Heilbronn centre

Vineyards on the hillside in Heinsheim

Hubby and son setting off for another ride.

Castle on the hill


The next day we headed into Heilbronn to have a look around. It was a lovely little city. Heilbronn is where hubby's forebearers came from and why they have that last name. One of the great grandpas dropped a couple of letters from the name to their current name. It was a beautiful sunny day so everyone was out and about, the cafes were busy. We walked around the town centre and went to the Experimenta Museum, a science museum for all ages in which our son had a ball. We were there all morning before we grabbed lunch and headed back to our hotel.

Our bikes were ready except Tau's one which was too big. The helpful receptionist called the bike guy who showed up with another bike which was still too big and then had us follow him to his workshop. He was mighty helpful and very lovely. 15 minutes later we were armed with the right sized bike and helmet for our little one and two good ones for us. Off we went bike riding down along the river. It was just so beautiful. I dreamt of doing that in European summer and well it's as good as the dream! In beautiful summer weather with greenfields all around and the river bordered by hills and castle tops in sight! I was in my happy place that half the time I didn't realise hubby and son had stopped a few times due to my son getting too tired from pedalling his little bike.  
We turned around at the end of one long stretch. I told my son there was a pub at the other end for an ice-cream and to the hubby a beer. We all happily pedalled back towards the sports club to which we enjoyed a few drinks before continuing on and then calling it a day. 
We had dinner at the hotel restaurant that evening which was just delicious. I ordered duck and it was just beautifully prepared. We went to bed happy that night.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Ele Opeloge update

On 5th August Ele Opeloge competed and ranked 6th in the Women's +75kgs Group with a mark of 267kgs! She did awesomely and this fan is so so proud of this Samoan Competitor and what she has achieved. Zhou Lulu of China went on to win gold with and Olympic record lift of 333kgs. 

Ele Opeloge flag bearer for Samoa at London 2012 Olympics Parade

Ele Competing on 5 August 2012.
Photos from

Schloss Heinsheim

We landed at Munich Airport at 7.30am after a 7 hour flight from Muscat. We had a good rest on the flight and went straight to Thrifty to pick up our car. I love how small Munich arrival is, each terminal allow for a few flights so from my experience we've never had to queue up to customs which is convenient. We programmed the GPS for Heilbronn and off we went. Hubby driving and me being a live GPS just incase. Of course 1 hour into the drive I was knocked out! See being Samoan we can sleep anywhere, whether we've just woken up or not! Travel and sleeping go hand in hand. 
I woke up about 30 minutes to destination. Driving on the outskirts of Heilbronn town itself was just beautiful. It's wine country and there were vineyards everywhere and corn fields for miles. Hubby found us an idyllic hotel in Heinsheim near Bad Rappenau 15 mins from Heilbronn city but country enough for us to enjoy the weather and fresh air. We passed Bad Rappenau and after a windy road we drove along the river and came upon Hotel Schloss Heinsheim. It's a hotel in an old castle and it was just that. Huge grounds with beautiful trees and the rooms were in one of the main buildings. They had kept the old staircases to the upper floors to which I'm sure many a lord and lady had ascended in their time. The hallway was huge. They had a pool out front which was full of laughing kids when we arrived. My son and I decided to have a swim only to find that European summer warm is very different from our 'warm'. I finally got in and enjoyed the cold before running out to have a hot shower! Later we went for a walk to discover the's just that a very small village. We found a spacious playground and walked along the river until we came to the village sports grounds with a pub. We saw it was a popular stop for cyclers.
We went to dinner in Bad Rappenau that evening.