Schloss Heinsheim

We landed at Munich Airport at 7.30am after a 7 hour flight from Muscat. We had a good rest on the flight and went straight to Thrifty to pick up our car. I love how small Munich arrival is, each terminal allow for a few flights so from my experience we've never had to queue up to customs which is convenient. We programmed the GPS for Heilbronn and off we went. Hubby driving and me being a live GPS just incase. Of course 1 hour into the drive I was knocked out! See being Samoan we can sleep anywhere, whether we've just woken up or not! Travel and sleeping go hand in hand. 
I woke up about 30 minutes to destination. Driving on the outskirts of Heilbronn town itself was just beautiful. It's wine country and there were vineyards everywhere and corn fields for miles. Hubby found us an idyllic hotel in Heinsheim near Bad Rappenau 15 mins from Heilbronn city but country enough for us to enjoy the weather and fresh air. We passed Bad Rappenau and after a windy road we drove along the river and came upon Hotel Schloss Heinsheim. It's a hotel in an old castle and it was just that. Huge grounds with beautiful trees and the rooms were in one of the main buildings. They had kept the old staircases to the upper floors to which I'm sure many a lord and lady had ascended in their time. The hallway was huge. They had a pool out front which was full of laughing kids when we arrived. My son and I decided to have a swim only to find that European summer warm is very different from our 'warm'. I finally got in and enjoyed the cold before running out to have a hot shower! Later we went for a walk to discover the's just that a very small village. We found a spacious playground and walked along the river until we came to the village sports grounds with a pub. We saw it was a popular stop for cyclers.
We went to dinner in Bad Rappenau that evening.


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