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Ele Opeloge for the Olympics 2012

Ele Opeloge is ready for the 2012 Olympics. However she's just recovered from chicken pox 3 weeks ago according to a Samoa Observer interview. I hope it doesn't mess up her chances for a medal this time around as she seems hungry for it now. All the best Ms Opeloge. I love this picture with her malu(Samoan female tattoo) on display. Shows the power and the heart of the woman in one shot. And that's what little Samoan Girls are Made of.

Home in Muscat

We drove back on Saturday which is when Ramadan started here in Oman. It started the day before in Dubai. No cafes or restaurants are open in all the malls except some hotels that keep the restaurants open for guests but shut away from public eye. It's really weird because the malls have lots of cafes and so it's very quiet in the malls and just strange not to have the option of having a coffee. This is my 8th Ramadan and it's still a shock. We just have to stay put and not spend much money during this month which is a good thing. I feel for those fasting because 1. It's VERY hot at the moment it's the height of summer and without water! 2. The days are loooong. It doesn't get dark until just after 7pm!! So Iftar isn't till then! All the best to those fasting I say and more coffee mornings at each others houses for us non-fasters!

New do to support loved ones undergoing chemo

Haven't had short hair since I was a child! At Al Sondos Hotel in Deira Dubai. They cool the pool so one can swim in the morning before the sun gets too hot at over 40 degree Celsius

Hurricanes vs Chiefs

We went to the Cake Tin to watch the Canes play the Chiefs last night with family. The Hurricanes had to win though they weren't the favorites to win. It was a lively game and the final minute was just amazing as the Canes went through many phases to score their winning try. Sonny Bill W was on the receiving end of a spear tackle. Luckily it wasn't fully executed but the player was sent off with a yellow card. Sadly I think it was symbolic of the general feeling towards SBW with his recent decision to leave! Great game indeed.

Cancer Confuses

Today my son and I went to see our loved one undergoing chemotherapy at the Wellington hospital. We come upon a room with six cubicles and at the end on one side is our loved one. We sat by her and chatted while the machine dispensing the chemo drug beeped away. There were 5 others in the other seats with the tubes in their arms while the machines bumped away. The hospital obviously tried to make it as user friendly as possible but the reason why we were there doesn't get away from any of us. My son was a bit confused and stayed away. After awhile we went to leave, our loved one had been there since 8.30am and now it was 1.30pm and she still had radio therapy to go after another hour of chemo. It's been a long day for her. I wish I had powers to just heal her and make this shitty cancer go away but alas here we are.

As my son and I were leaving we heard the organ playing in the lobby. We came down the escalator and walked towards the music. We came upon a young lad playing clas…