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Sunday, January 29, 2006

DJ Simon

My brother Simon who was in charge of the music. Behind him L-R: Uncle Jeff and Aunty Evo from New Lynn NZ. Uncle Salu in the yellow and Uncle Lindsay and Malia looking away. Funny story about Salu: We went to his house on the Monday two days after the wedding to take our family and friends to see the tapa making by his wife Faamuli. Salu's daughter Lea comes out of the house to say hello and points to the fale laughing and accusing us for something. I asked what it was and she laughs and said that Salu is still rolling around on the floor of the fale hungover as heck since he came from the wedding Saturday night. We thought that was hilarious. Then Faamuli added that he's been helpless and has not gotten up since. Now that's how good the day was, even Salu who hasn't drunk a drop of alcohol in awhile (aside from kava at the market) got wasted on the day and he's 76 years of age. Manuia Salu!

Looking back,

I am now back in Oman after our wedding, Christmas and New Years with family. Already it feels like the wedding was a long time ago however we have fond memories of it all. Looking back I feel so proud and grateful for our families' acceptance of our wishes for our wedding day. The day was fabulous, and not just for us because even afterwards our relatives were still talking about how lovely the day was. Thanks to our cousin Rudy for filming the wedding. I picked up the wedding DVDs three weeks ago and viewed it a few times with my family. Now I wasn't sure whether that was a good thing or not because our family being 'us' we were criticising the whole thing from the beginning till the end! It was just hilarious, but in the end it was the mistakes, the drunks, those that ate too much, talked too much and those that hogged the camera that made the day really fun and down-right great.

Friday, January 27, 2006

"Little Birdie"

My aunties performing of course. L-R, Mom, Aunties Fonima, Namulauulu Tautala, Silaulelei Vaasili, and Lalotoa Mulitalo singing the infamous "Little Birdie"

Thursday, January 26, 2006

"On behalf of my lovely bride and I..."

Alex delivering our first official family speech...


My niece Yvonne(my older sister Leilani's 8 yr old daughter) sang a song for us on our day. It was really beautiful and touching... My girl: destined for great things. Love you Vonnie

Salam Alekum!

Posing with our Oman Mum Ann who came with hubby Alec Waring all the way from Oman via NZ to party with us at the wedding. Alec and Ann showed us the ropes in Muscat. They had been living in Muscat Oman on and off for 27 years.

Smile for the cam!

My older sister Leilani in the middle and Uncle Lealali Seti and Aunty Faalua from Brisbane, Aussie.


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Time for a cold vailima!

The setting.

Can we eat now!

"Yeah really" Ringbearer nephew Lio looking a bit uncertain...

L-R: Yvonne, Vetty, Marie and Sea.

Now I may kiss the groom!

"I now pronouce you husband and wife (again:)"

...with this ring...

~...I thee wed.~

"I DO"

Party on...

Posing with Jody and Nola in the front and Kate and I behind them. Kate came from Aussie for the wedding and she was our main photographer on the day. However our photographer featured in quite a number of pictures herself on the day... go Kate heh heh. Thanks heaps Kate for the photography, good job and appreciate all your assistance leading up to the wedding. Luv Mega & Alex


The Kiwis performing the Maori haka... very passionate Peter!

Our friends and family who witnessed the blessing

Self again, the groom: MIA

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Groomsmen enjoying themselves

And Alex takes it away...

Alex dancing away like he didn't have a knee problem... heh heh That's my babe...yeah

Alex's father Jim delivering his heartfelt speech

Striking a pose with our reverend and his wife.

A photo with our Rev. Solomona and his wife Aneddy, who later contributed to the fun reception with a song and a siva. Faafetai lava for the great ceremony and the fun item. Omega & Alex

At the altar...

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Bridesmaids, Groomsmen flowergirls and our ring bearer.

Flowergirls: Yvonne Faleasiu Sapatu, Yvette Fiamaua Sapatu, Marie Therese Tiatia, Alaisea Malelega Malu, Faleasiu Solomona
Ringbearer: Ianualio Jackson
Maid of Honour: My sister Cherelle Jackson
Bridesmaids: My sister Fotuosamoa Jody Jackson-Becerra, Cousins Perenita Talalelei, Fiona Vivi, Moelagi Lupe Tiatia
Best-Man: Raphael Hilbron
Groomsmen: Cousins Peter Tanielu, Christopher Murray, nephew Caleb Hilbron, good friend Leif Fredrichsen

Dancing the night away

Everyone enjoyed the evening between dances singing and different performances by both famililies. It was an harmonious atmosphere mingled with pure matrimonial bliss. Yippeee, chooo hoooo

Performing the Samoan siva

Doing what we do best!

Together we cut the cake.

Thanks to Adria's cakes for the lovely fruit cake. It was fantastic, especially after it ended up on our faces heh heh!

The camera found me

Posing when no one was looking in between sivas(dances).

Alex's extended family present at the wedding.

Alex's family travelled from all over New Zealand to be at the wedding. Faafetai tele lava for making our day special with your presence. Appreciation from Alex & Omega

Some of my extended aiga present at the wedding.

My family travelled from Australia, New Zealand and around Samoa to celebrate with us our happy day. Fa'afetai lava mai le taele o o ma agaga i lo outou auai mai. Alofa atu Omega & Alex

Alex with his Groomsmen.

Bestman: Alex's older brother Raphael Hilbron
Groomsmen: Good friend Leif Fredrichsen aka. Jeff da Maori, cousins Peter Tanielu, Christopher Murray and nephew Caleb Hilbron
Its a first for the family to have father and son in the line: Caleb is Raphael's boy.

Monday, January 02, 2006

At reception

My husband and I enjoying the speeches and shedding tears for the emotional ones. Lovely speeches by all. Thanks family.

Self and my good looking groom

Self and Alex just after the blessing by Rev. Solomona at the Safua Hotel Garden

With my bridesmaids

Left to right: My cousin Moelagi Tiatia, my sister Cherelle Jackson, blissful self, cousin Fiona Vivi, My sister Fotu Jackson-Becerra and cousin Perenita Leota

With my Mom Vaasiliifiti Moelagi Jackson

With Mom and one flower girl my niece Yvonne

With Alex parents: James & Susana Hilbron

The Wedding!

17 December 2005
The wedding was fantastic. Everyone helped out and did their part. The venue was decorated beautifully and we had the short service in the garden at home. We all had a fabulous time and both families enjoyed it immensely. Thanks to both our families and friends for all their support and contributions that made the day perfect.