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Growing older and the unborn!

It was hubby's birthday last week. I had bought his present three weeks before and he was duly surprised as he thought I forgot due to being busy with my course. I'm not that bad I think. Anyway as I could not fathom cooking a meal that was befitting the occassion we ordered out instead. It's moments like those, that there is a hint(note I said hint) of wishful thinking that I could cook more than sapasui and rice.
Anyway we have grown a year older yet again like everyone else obviously. So much has happened in the world within the past year. To narrow it down to the past few months, there's N. Korea testing nuclear bombs, Iran well on their way, US still at war in Iraq, the recent war in Lebanon, the recent earth quake in Hawaii the threat of one in Samoa to name a few.
It brings me to the subject of reproducing. One wonders is it worth bringing a child into this world of uncertainty and chaos? At this critical point in our lives of marriage and family life we are fac…


It's Ramadan again. This is the month of prayer for Muslims when they fast from before sunrise until sundown. And I mean fasting with no food no water!!! People like us(non-Muslims) are not allowed(or advised not) to eat or drink in public and all restaurants are closed all day until sundown. It is also a dry month which means we are confined to our houses or those of friends' for the month if you want some red with dinner. As a local guy explained to us this is the month where the Ala fearing people don't drink a drop of water don't eat a bite of anything and pray five times a day. This is the month where whatever wrong was committed in the year will be forgiven if you fast and abstain from any sexual acts even with one's spouse. One must also try to keep all thoughts pure and not pat an eye lid/lash at the opposite sex or whatever that may corrupt the mind.
I thought "If you can do it, tell me how".
You can't be seen chewing (gum) in public otherwise …

Fiji Day in Muscat.

Last night we had the Fiji day celebration at the Lee's here in Muscat. All the Fijians turned up in their island glory and it was a lovely fun evening. Lots of island food and of course the grog (ava/kava) was flowing free mixed and served by the grog master Qorio. Queen Mary, Lynn and Bubu lead the dancing show with all the kids having a ball. It was a lovely evening with great Pacific atmosphere in Muscat.

The Fijian kids.

The Fijian ladies.

Qorio the grog master.

Clem and her lil' modela Caydens.

Queen Mary and Aunty Lynn leading the dance.

A learning curve for who??

My blog is looking rather boring from the lack of entries already. Its late and still burning the midnight oil supposedly on an assignment but the internet is a lovely procrastinating tool. I was up late last nite as I had a lesson to teach this morning which I passed thanks be to Le Atua.
It was quite a frustrating lesson. I started off trying to set the context through generating interest from the class about their favourite bands and singers. No one responded. I felt like hitting my head on the whiteboard but collected myself and proceeded with the task at hand. Its funny I wrote it as an anticipated problem in my lesson plan that due to cultural or personal choice the students might not be interested in bands or singers. However I thought a couple would show interest but zilch, nada. It was the case of who cares what Madonna or Lionel Richie does? I guess it didn't help that only six people showed today normally there are twelve students.
The lesson was a listening comprehensio…