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Milan in photos


Rugby WC Party

World Cup Fever

Blue Fountain for True Blue fan 

  Scotsman had too much?

                              Hubby with Kenya mate Ali supporting Samoa:)
The Refs blow the whistles for kick-off.

                                                                 Us two

                                                 Touch, Pause...ENGAGE

NZ players

 The World In Union

Rugby Party for Hubby_Dearest

I've been planning hubby's birthday bash this Friday. The theme being Rugby for obvious reasons. OK so I planned this before the world cup started and well here we are on the eve of it and there are only 4 teams left at the World Cup! So I knew this was going to happen and tried not to put too many eggs in one basket but I thought I'd risk it and order a NZ table flag for every other country represented hoping that at least they make it through to the semis. I have enough big Samoan flags to drown out the rest plus the party website didn't do Samoan table flags...baskets. 
Anyhoo very exciting and I've been at the shops all week to buy the right stuff and make sure I don't leave anything out. I looked for a caterer to do a BBQ set up but unfortunately in this case we live in a city full of Indian restaurants that most of the places I asked offered to do samosas, spring rolls... and mains would be curries...umm no thanks. So in the end master chef birthday boy sa…

Roslynn Mahe_my latest fixation since the Manu

I've been following this singer from New Zealand of Samoan and Tongan descent who's competing in the Avon Voices competition. Her name's Roslynn Maheand has an amazing voice. So she's now in the final, the competition has been going for months now and I normally just log on to the Avon page when I see the updates on facebook, vote for her and leave cos we islanders do that choo hooo. 
Just tonight I decided to have a look at the competition or who Ms Mahe was up against. And ummm yeah I wasted my time ha! They were nowhere as good as this Pacific contestant I tell ya. But that is my humble opinion and others might feel otherwise. OK so I watched four others and went bleh halfway through their songs, one lady was too jerky almost twitch like...eek, one destroyed the 'natural woman' song, and one was in a too tight pink dress and tried a bit too hard. Now don't go have a look because you might just agree with me! 
Roslynn Mahe however, when I heard of her I wat…

The Orator-What my Orator Mum thinks

I can't wait to see this movie. So my sister FJ was planning to take our mum to see The Orator next week when she goes over to visit H-Town and she feared mum might sleep through the movie. And I wondered about that too, Mum is an orator for/in our family and is so well-versed in the Samoan culture that she is a tricky one to please.
I just got off the phone with Mum in Samoa and she happily informed me that she had been to the premier of The Orator movie in Apia last week and....: 
What a fantastic movie it was! I kept prodding why she thought it was so good and she said to her it got the message across that in our culture whether you're big or small or however you look like when you can speak or orate then everyone looks past that and see only the Orator, as the message is brought across with a gift that only an orator has. She also said that the movie was well made and to the point, no gasu and overdoing. There it is, now I just wish I open the paper tomorrow and it tells me …

IRB Preferred RWC teams wow love how the Northerners are against each other and so are the Southerners so it'll end up a North vs Southern Hemisphere Final. How brilliant...not


Two weeks ago I had a supermum day. I've been wanting to make pizza from scratch and finally attempted it and it came out really well. My 3 year old loved it and of course enjoyed helping me make the dough. Hubby was impressed and it takes a lot to impress the Master Chef himself heh. I had this fat free cheese cake recipe for ages and finally have all the ingredients and made it right after the pizza. I'd never attempted cheese cake before and never thought I would but I'm trying to lose weight and miss my sweet treats so tried to make this fat free no sugar cheese cake to get me through the tough days. Well big pat on the back for this first timer, if I may say so myself the cheese cake was purrrfect. OK this one doesn't allow for a crust, only the cheese part and boy it came out with great consistency. I love cheese cake I guess the low fat version ain't too bad.

I dislike the new settings on facebook. It was fantastic just before they screwe…

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